Pulp Archetypes 2 – 18 good and bad

$9.95 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/51684/THRILLING-TALES-…

on sale today again

Academic Professor, Acrobatic Hero, Average Joe, — Amazon,
Cowboy, — Cat Burglar, Cult Leader,
— Foreign Spy,
Good Girl,
Magician, Man of Many Faces,
— Nazi Temptress,
Occult Gumshoe,
— Ruthless Dictator,
Swashbuckling Actor, — Shadowy Assassin, Sky Pirate,
Torch Singer,

0.55 Character Cost
0.82 Character Density

Pulp Archetypes – PL 6 Useful


$9.95 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/20905/THRILLING-TALES-…

Black Friday price $1.99 which is pretty decent (have to check normal price later to see if it is lower than 9.95)

The same sort of idea as the Freedom City Archetypes, specifically designed for a PL 6 game.

Ace Reporter, Air Ace,
Boxer, — Big Game Hunter,
Fortune Hunter, — Femme Fatale,
G-Man, — Gun Moll,
— Hooded Terror,
Man of Mystery, Mesmerist, — Mad Scientist, Mastermind, Mobster,
Noble Savage,
Rocket Ranger,
Trusted Sidekick,

0.52 Character Cost
0.79 Character Density

Iron Age: Vigilantes & Villains – Mini with some generic

Another minisupplement with 10 villains and a writeup for a generic vampire and soldiers of fortune.

$4.95 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/54907/Iron-AgeVigilant…

Countess Azure, Countess Caret,
Carl “Dice” Desanto, Doc Abatoir,
Furies Three,
Melinda, Ms Malice,
Nat Fortune, Nathan W. Aurox,
Sir Razor, Soldier of Fortune,

Hero High Exchange Students – Another of the expensive colour mini supplements

Another of the expensive colour mini supplements :-

$4.95 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/55256/Hero-High-Exchan…

Agent H,
Mystery Mutt,
Sleet-Saru, Star of Africa,

0.50 Character Cost
0.71 Character Density

GURPS Supers Super Scum – Rather good value

This is certainly a good price. Old style and definitely not for those that like pretty. A couple of pages writeup per bad person, with variable power levels like 250 points and 750 points given at the end, for versatility. Some little adventure bits and the odd thug or robot, too.

$2.99 – http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6111

Blaze, Battle Robot[Type I, Type II, ],
Cascade, Citrakaya, Corsair,
Doctor Radiation, Dominator, Domino,
Electra, Erik Bloodaxe,
Howard Vinewood, Hydra,
Mastabah, Mirage,
Nimba Cult Assassins,
Predator, Professor Possessor,
Red Tempest, Rictus,
Sample Thugs [Street, Military, Martial Arts,], Soul Ripper, Sponge, Snow Leopard,
Talon, Tele-Fist, Thunderbolt, Trade Agent, Tigress,
Ventura, Voltmaster,

0.08 Character Cost
0.56 Character Density

The Villainomicon – Excellent fun badness

A full colour Icons supplement with the same cartoony art style detailing a list of highly entertaining four-colour style villains with plenty of fun homages among then. Also includes several adventure hooks for each one. This is really well done, continuing to highlight Kenson’s talent as a superhero game designer.

Great Bridge – Manga style with counters

The first of a look into the files of Department 88 to check out the bad guys they have in the database.

$4.00 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/93282/Villains-and-Vig…

A pity they didn’t call these 1 and 3, not blank and 2.

Anyway, Japanese bad people with manga style art. Being V&V there are two pages of counters of the main characters and some supporting generic agents, too, so a nice add-on making in-reading character density higher, so to speak.

Great Bridge

Kumagi, Korusu,
Stingray, Sonya, Sparky, Agent Stone,
Tadashi, Tanken, Takumi, Tetsuo,

0.21 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

Freedom’s Most Wanted – A nicely done volume full of bad doctors

A nice looking book, with super-teams and then individuals. Hooks and ideas for the various bad guys are extensive. One page OGL and a table at the end that gives as well as power levels a phrase summary of each character – a fine idea.

There are clearly a lot of very bad doctors in Freedom City.

$14.50 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/58636/Freedoms-Most-Wa…

Adamant, Alien-Gator, Alpha-Centurion,
Bear-Knuckle, Bres, Bola, Balor, Beast of Kilimanjaro, Black Anubis, Blackbird II, Blackthorn, Bear and Wildflower,
Count Zero, Cerberus, Coda, Conqueror Worm, Counter-Clock Culture,
Doctor Zero, Dr Noman, Doctor Twilight, Dwarfstar, Daddy-O-Long-Legs, Doc Holiday, Dr Mayhem,
Fomorian, Fly-Boy, Firebug, Fear-Master I,
Glacier, Goanna,
Heavyweight, Hollow Men, Headmistress, Hellhound, Huckster,
Ivan “Killjoy” Korcek, King Cole I, King Cole II,
Will “Happyface” Larue, Lethal Lolita, Looking Glass, Legion the Mind-Virus, Lenord, Luna Moth,
Magnifico the Magician, Marionette, Mistral, Mad Maple, Madame Zero, Magician,
Nocturne, Negator, Nero,
Recall, Red Death II,
Matthew Sorensen, Shadowbox, Stompzilla, Sandstone, Scrounge, Silver Hyena, Sky Lord II, Syzygy,
TKO, Tom Cyprus, Talon, Talona, Tick-Tock Doc, Trawler II,
Alister Usher,
Weather Mistress,

0.20 Character Cost
0.58 Character Density

Freedom City Street-Level Archetypes – Another 10

Pretty much the same as the other Freedom City Archetypes pack, in terms of content type

Apparently for PL 6-8

$4.95 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/28319/Mutants-%26-Mast…

Armed Citizen
Da Sihing
Emerging Mutant
Enduring Guardian
Farsider Emigrant
Field Researcher
Superpowered Orphan
Technology Geek
Transformed Bystander
Zoom Survivor

0.50 Character Cost
0.77 Character Density

DC Adventures RPG: Universe – More characters than you would think

This has more than you would expect in it, having rather good Character Cost and solid enough character density…much more description spent on the various areas of the universe as opposed to characters, too.

Over 1/3 are of the villainous variety.

$20.00 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/113903/DC-ADVENTURES-U…

Arion, Amazon Warrior, Atomic Knight, Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General In Iron, Amon Hakk, Alley-Kat-Abra, Amethyst, — Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abott, Artemiz,

Black Pirate, Bat Lash, Harvey Bullock, Director Bones, Brainiac II, Bounder, Brainiac III, Broot, Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne, Blok, — Blackrock, Bernadeth, Black Beetle,

C.A.P., Checkmate Knight, Cameron Chase, Celestial Archer, Commander Ciji, Captain Carrot, Coluan Technician, — Jim Corrigan, Controller, Crystal Creature, Catwoman, Cyberpak,

Dan Turpin, D.E.O. Agent, Doc II, Doctor Occult, Doctor Thirteen, Daxamite, Durlan Spy, — Darkstar Envoy, Doctor Diehard, Dreamslayer, Dominator Soldier, Dark Circle Clone Soldier,

Enemy Ace, Elu, Earth-Man, — Epoch,

Fastback, — Faceless Hunter,

James Gordon, G. I. Robot, Gorilla City Guardsman, Ghost Fox Killer, Ghosts of the Wicked, Garv, Gates, — Gorgon,

Hawk Wingman, Highfather,

Imperial Guardian Lion, Immortal-Man-In-Darkness, — Intergang thug, Infinite Man,

Knight, Kilowog, Kamandi, Khund Cyber-Soldier, — Koolar Warrior,

Liberty Belle [Jesse Chammbers, Libby Lawrence Chambers,], Lady Quark, — Lord Havok, Lashina,

Josie Mac, Mother of Champions, Maxima, Mister E, Metron, — Bruno Mannheim, Manhunter Agent, Manhunter Android, Mercury Monster, Monguls, Mantis, Mad Harriet,

Naltorian Seer,

Pig-Iron, — Psion Researcher,


Rocket Red, Ryan D’R, Rubberduck, — Religion of Crime cultist,

Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Jakeem Thunder, Tellus, — Time Commander, Time Trapper,

Scalphunter, Sgt Rock, Sasha Bordeaux, Special Crimes Unit, Maggie Sawyer,
Unknown Soldier, Solovar, Squire, Seven Deadly Brothers, Shaolin Robot, Socialist Red Guardian, StrataLady Quark, Starman, Shade the Changing Man, Science Police Officer, — Sonar, Lady Styx, Superboy-Prime, Stompa, Steppenwolf, Shadow Demons,

Thundermind, Tribulus, Tigorr, Titanian Refugee, — Tracer, Thunderers of Qward,


Vartox, — Virman Vundabarr,


Yankee Poodle,

Wildstar, Waverider, — White Martin, Wood King,

0.14 Character Cost
0.63 Character Density

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