GURPS Supers Super Scum – Rather good value

This is certainly a good price. Old style and definitely not for those that like pretty. A couple of pages writeup per bad person, with variable power levels like 250 points and 750 points given at the end, for versatility. Some little adventure bits and the odd thug or robot, too.

$2.99 –

Blaze, Battle Robot[Type I, Type II, ],
Cascade, Citrakaya, Corsair,
Doctor Radiation, Dominator, Domino,
Electra, Erik Bloodaxe,
Howard Vinewood, Hydra,
Mastabah, Mirage,
Nimba Cult Assassins,
Predator, Professor Possessor,
Red Tempest, Rictus,
Sample Thugs [Street, Military, Martial Arts,], Soul Ripper, Sponge, Snow Leopard,
Talon, Tele-Fist, Thunderbolt, Trade Agent, Tigress,
Ventura, Voltmaster,

0.08 Character Cost
0.56 Character Density

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