The Secret in the Swamp – Wants All the Water

Apparently a fan with no game shop, Wieck mail ordered all the modules for V&V before trying his hand at writing one….a good way to be favourably looked upon, I am sure, being a valued customer. This one is very solid, too. A colourful cast of villains, including a take over the world megalomaniac and bunches of science fantasy in Seminole country. Well worth a look for some ecological mind control mastermind mayhem.

FORCE – Megalomaniac religious and political terrorist robot!

A megalomaniac supervillain – the good kind – but is a multiple persona running a church and a small army in their political terrorist shenanigans. Add a military bad guy with a deadly virus and heroes have plenty to do.

Assassin – Deteriorating Android

A sequel to FORCE as the deteriorating android has a Central American army banana republic scheme…and political android replacement plans with yet more supervillains working for him. The heroes get a mysterious government agency and super agent to work with, Also a backup mini adventure plot bonus with Phantasm from the previous module.

Battle Above the Earth – Tough Lizard Men

A good old invasion by tough lizard men. So encounters with those and with a group of supervillain hirelings in a space station…the interesting part. Especially if anyone wants a space station map. Just ok otherwise.

From the Deeps of Space – Capellans

A small Capellan force invades the home of the heroes, cutting it off…or Midville. e.g. avoid the USA, zombies and alien invasions, no problem.

Wolf-reptile centauroids no less. So try and put a stop to this, hope a gravity random encounter doesn’t get you sucked into a black hole and take the fight to the Capellan system. Which is the interesting part, with several alien races, subjugated and otherwise.

Trouble for Havoc!

A Superworld supplement and a rarity in gaming in that it has stats for Champions and Villains & Vigilantes as well.

First there are some rules clarifications with mea culpas and some because I decided so justifications, so those are a little odd. Never been much of a Superworld rules fan…I’d pick Champions instead going that point buy way. I still like to read superhero games though.

Three adventures therein:

A nuclear reactor problem
An underground psychic lost race (which has campaign possibilities)
A downed alien spacecraft with crew that becomes a tug of war between American heroes, Russian heroes and American villains.

So pretty interesting. It was worth getting cheapish on ebay as definitely usable.

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