Freedom’s Most Wanted – A nicely done volume full of bad doctors

A nice looking book, with super-teams and then individuals. Hooks and ideas for the various bad guys are extensive. One page OGL and a table at the end that gives as well as power levels a phrase summary of each character – a fine idea.

There are clearly a lot of very bad doctors in Freedom City.

$14.50 –…

Adamant, Alien-Gator, Alpha-Centurion,
Bear-Knuckle, Bres, Bola, Balor, Beast of Kilimanjaro, Black Anubis, Blackbird II, Blackthorn, Bear and Wildflower,
Count Zero, Cerberus, Coda, Conqueror Worm, Counter-Clock Culture,
Doctor Zero, Dr Noman, Doctor Twilight, Dwarfstar, Daddy-O-Long-Legs, Doc Holiday, Dr Mayhem,
Fomorian, Fly-Boy, Firebug, Fear-Master I,
Glacier, Goanna,
Heavyweight, Hollow Men, Headmistress, Hellhound, Huckster,
Ivan “Killjoy” Korcek, King Cole I, King Cole II,
Will “Happyface” Larue, Lethal Lolita, Looking Glass, Legion the Mind-Virus, Lenord, Luna Moth,
Magnifico the Magician, Marionette, Mistral, Mad Maple, Madame Zero, Magician,
Nocturne, Negator, Nero,
Recall, Red Death II,
Matthew Sorensen, Shadowbox, Stompzilla, Sandstone, Scrounge, Silver Hyena, Sky Lord II, Syzygy,
TKO, Tom Cyprus, Talon, Talona, Tick-Tock Doc, Trawler II,
Alister Usher,
Weather Mistress,

0.20 Character Cost
0.58 Character Density

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