Dungeon 23 – Lord Howe Island HexKit HexMap

Or as the more egotistical mad scientist might call it ‘Ruby Base’. This is at about 1km scale hex. The island is approximately 2 standard ‘day travel’ wilderness hexes N-S. Volcanic terrain of course making that part somewhat tougher.

Added to here https://github.com/bluetyson/Dungeon23-Mokuy/tree/main/Lord%20Howe%20Island

Dungeon23 – Maps and 3D Models

Lord Howe Island 3m merged DEM

I made a repository for these – or at least the lower resolution variety in the case of the DEMs.


Jupyter notebook here re: merging tiles for the high resolution DEM. Not got around to the point clouds as yet – and this may do for game purposes anyway.


The HexKit map and derivatives are in the Australia folder. https://github.com/bluetyson/Dungeon23-Mokuy/tree/main/Australia

The 3D models are in the Lord Howe Island Folder. https://github.com/bluetyson/Dungeon23-Mokuy/tree/main/Lord%20Howe%20Island

Pine64 Smartwatch


Trying this out as a xmas present to me, to make it better you can get an Android app.

Gadgetbridge https://f-droid.org/packages/nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge/

You get this by downloading the apk for f-droid and installing when then gives you access from this repository to lots of apps including Gadgetbridge.

Good points so far – got watch, put it in to charge, it just worked on a simple MagnaCharger type base.

Very good points $26.99 USD and chargers are $4.99.

Compared to screwing around setting up Fitbits – which takes a long time and usually multiple attempts – of which the build quality seems to get worse and worse as the prices climb ever higher – and the last one only managed 3 months. Even if these a bit flaky an order of magnitude cheaper.

So can count steps again. Saw these mentioned on mastodon, so very handy.

They also make a phone, so tempted to try that.

Dungeon23 – Mokuy hex map Australia – version 1

Not actually called Australia circa 1830 of course, but for reference.

Mokuy Australia hex map

A few different terrain types I think:

  • Coastal
  • Mountain
  • Desert
  • Rainforest
  • Heavy Bush
  • Bush
  • Alluvial
  • Grassland
  • Volcanic – for Lord Howe Island, or as the more egotistical residents like to term it, Ruby Base
  • Pine – for venturing to Norfolk Island

    Version with coordinates to come

    Dungeon23 – The Land Pirahnas of Lord Howe Island

    In 2044, wallabies have mutated to have the personality and dentition of sharks and “land pirahna is a colloquial term.

    Lord Howe Island was discovered in 1788. https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Howe_Island

    The Doctors Ruby have taken advantage of this wildlife mutation to import and breed them to roam the island. Not good for the local fauna, but they soon deal with any unsuspecting visitors in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Land Pirahnas are particularly good at detecting methane.

    Land Pirahna

    First thoughts:

    AC 12, HD 2, Bite: 2d4, Kick: 1d4, Tail:1d3

    Can use claws for minor effect or tails like cudgels if wanting to leap away, which is not very likely in a kill frenzy. Add morale modifiers for that.

    Dungeon23 Overview – Whatever happened to Dr Ruby?

    The basic setting

    1830s science fantasy Australia

    The setup:

    In 2042 the supervillian Dr Ruby apparently died. The Superhero 2044 game setting is post a six day nuclear war in 2003 and in 2029 the aliens from Formalhaut arrived.

    Dr Ruby destroyed the premier superteam. Ruby was a geologist and comuter scientist of fantastic ability. In their final standoff he threatened nuclear devastation, he instead ended up blowing up Mount Inguri, causing an eruption, killing most of the team and presumably Ruby.

    Not so. His forcefield and lava armour let him escape through a prepared tunnel out of the mountain – traces of which vanished in the volcanic eruption.

    Dr Ruby and Force Field
    Dr Ruby – Lava Armour

    The good doctor absconded to Lord Howe Island. Unknown to anyone, Dr Ruby was a team. His sister, a talented spy who could pass for the mysterious doctor and an even better computer scientist and physicist had prepared a lair there. Ironically, in a volcanic shield cone.

    There, she had made a breakthrough. Time travel. Limited, in that it could only go to one place and only backwards – around as far as a century. So most of the time she had been working on a base for the pair of them – but off the coast of 1830s to be Australia.

    Her brother’s antics provided cash and also distracted the Science Police and the Freedom League from finding out about her and her research.

    This secret base is #Dungeon23.

    Some background/overview musings can be found here https://cosmicheroes.space/blog/index.php/dungeon23/

    – with more Australia and 2044 notes.

    Dungeon23 Location


    The fantasy 1830 version of such, anyway. Lord Howe Island is an extinct shield cone – much smaller than it used to be. Natural place for an evil villain lair.

    Lord Howe Island
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