Cepheid’s Dungeon Tool – the Mite Massacre


Yesterday I knew I had a random dungeon generated in text that wasn’t the DMG, so went to have a look in pos-migraine can’t be bothered doing anything recovery. Found the below.

The above dungeon google spreadsheet has a nice way of drawing a map by using conditional formatting which a handily done graph paper type grid already.

Add the random character generator for Labyrinth Lord from


Which also lets you save characters as pdfs and there is a work and prep free start to an adventure. I created 6 characters at random, ending with three clerics, an elf, a thief and a fighter. All was going ok until they came to a chamber that had 25 mites (monsters from the Undercity 1-1 HD evil little humanoids that trap everything. The trap in this case being a poison gas cloud, save or 10p damage. Which of course will kill all first level characters. 3 survived to get the hell out.

Which led to some fortuitous hiring of 6 men at arms, 3 nomads and a thief as long as randomly gaining three more party members to replace the dead cleric, elf and fighter and a punitive organised expedition to retrieve some dead comrades. Spending some of the games from the 5K in gems in the room with the luckily non-vampiric giant bats.

Raise dead in the Undercity tables is 15000 gold, a bit out of the price range for 1st level characters but at least they get a funeral, revenge and gear going to a good home.



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