Pulp Archetypes – PL 6 Useful


$9.95 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/20905/THRILLING-TALES-…

Black Friday price $1.99 which is pretty decent (have to check normal price later to see if it is lower than 9.95)

The same sort of idea as the Freedom City Archetypes, specifically designed for a PL 6 game.

Ace Reporter, Air Ace,
Boxer, — Big Game Hunter,
Fortune Hunter, — Femme Fatale,
G-Man, — Gun Moll,
— Hooded Terror,
Man of Mystery, Mesmerist, — Mad Scientist, Mastermind, Mobster,
Noble Savage,
Rocket Ranger,
Trusted Sidekick,

0.52 Character Cost
0.79 Character Density

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