Island Lair Notes

Here are a few things for ideas for a game setting like the #Dungeon23 Ruby Base.

Villains & Vigilantes Island of Doctor Apocalypse

island of doctor apocalypse

Mutants and Masterminds Island Lair GM guide and deluxe GM Guide – Island of Dr Sersei

The above is in the deluxe gamemaster’s guide as well – which has several supervillain lair archetypes which are quite good to borrow, with maps.

d20 – M&M 1e Headquarters & Hideouts – a couple of bits and pieces here

d20 – M&M 1e Headquarters & Hideouts 2

Champions – Island of Dr Destroyer

Island of Dr Destroyer

Savage World Supers – has a few base building notes.

The Secret in the Swamp – Wants All the Water

Apparently a fan with no game shop, Wieck mail ordered all the modules for V&V before trying his hand at writing one….a good way to be favourably looked upon, I am sure, being a valued customer. This one is very solid, too. A colourful cast of villains, including a take over the world megalomaniac and bunches of science fantasy in Seminole country. Well worth a look for some ecological mind control mastermind mayhem.

FORCE – Megalomaniac religious and political terrorist robot!

A megalomaniac supervillain – the good kind – but is a multiple persona running a church and a small army in their political terrorist shenanigans. Add a military bad guy with a deadly virus and heroes have plenty to do.

Assassin – Deteriorating Android

A sequel to FORCE as the deteriorating android has a Central American army banana republic scheme…and political android replacement plans with yet more supervillains working for him. The heroes get a mysterious government agency and super agent to work with, Also a backup mini adventure plot bonus with Phantasm from the previous module.

Battle Above the Earth – Tough Lizard Men

A good old invasion by tough lizard men. So encounters with those and with a group of supervillain hirelings in a space station…the interesting part. Especially if anyone wants a space station map. Just ok otherwise.

From the Deeps of Space – Capellans

A small Capellan force invades the home of the heroes, cutting it off…or Midville. e.g. avoid the USA, zombies and alien invasions, no problem.

Wolf-reptile centauroids no less. So try and put a stop to this, hope a gravity random encounter doesn’t get you sucked into a black hole and take the fight to the Capellan system. Which is the interesting part, with several alien races, subjugated and otherwise.

Great Bridge – Manga style with counters

The first of a look into the files of Department 88 to check out the bad guys they have in the database.

$4.00 –…

A pity they didn’t call these 1 and 3, not blank and 2.

Anyway, Japanese bad people with manga style art. Being V&V there are two pages of counters of the main characters and some supporting generic agents, too, so a nice add-on making in-reading character density higher, so to speak.

Great Bridge

Kumagi, Korusu,
Stingray, Sonya, Sparky, Agent Stone,
Tadashi, Tanken, Takumi, Tetsuo,

0.21 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

Trouble for Havoc!

A Superworld supplement and a rarity in gaming in that it has stats for Champions and Villains & Vigilantes as well.

First there are some rules clarifications with mea culpas and some because I decided so justifications, so those are a little odd. Never been much of a Superworld rules fan…I’d pick Champions instead going that point buy way. I still like to read superhero games though.

Three adventures therein:

A nuclear reactor problem
An underground psychic lost race (which has campaign possibilities)
A downed alien spacecraft with crew that becomes a tug of war between American heroes, Russian heroes and American villains.

So pretty interesting. It was worth getting cheapish on ebay as definitely usable.

FASERIP Conversions

Want to use other games with FASERIP/4CS?  Here is a quick rough and ready conversion chart for you to get you started or give you ideas.

Table document download here :-


4CS M&M V&V Icons Fudge Bash Traveller GORE OSRIC BB Hero MEGS
Fb <= -4 2 1 -2 0 2,3 <=5 <= 5 1 0-3 0
Pr -2,-1 3-8 2 -1 0 4-5 6-8 6-8 2 4-9 1
Ty 0,1 9-11 3 +0 1 6-8 9-11 9-12 3 10-14 2
Gd 2,3 12-14 4 +1 2 9-A 12-24 13-16 4 15-19 3
Ex 4,5 15-17 5 +2 2 B-E 25-35 17-18 5 20-27 4
Rm 6,7 18-23 6 +3 3 F 36-60 19-20 6 28-44 5,6
In 8,9 24-29 7 +4 3 61-80 21-22 7 45-54 7-9
Am 10-12 30-49 8 +5 4 81-90 23 7 55-57 10
Mn 13,14 50-59 9 +6 4 91-100 24 7 58-59 11
Un 15 60-69 10 +7 5 101-119 24 8 60-79 12
ShX 16 70-79 10 +8 5 120-149 25 9-10 80-99 13-19
ShY 17,18 80-89 10 +9 5 150-199 25 11-12 100-119 20-24
ShZ 19+ 90+ 10 +10 5 200+ 25 13-14 120+ 25+


V&V = Villains & Vigilantes, M&M = Mutants & Masterminds 3rd, BB = Bulletproof Blues

Use the Fudge column for Fate, of course.

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