The Villainomicon – Excellent fun badness

A full colour Icons supplement with the same cartoony art style detailing a list of highly entertaining four-colour style villains with plenty of fun homages among then. Also includes several adventure hooks for each one. This is really well done, continuing to highlight Kenson’s talent as a superhero game designer.

Eugenics Brigade (ICONS Edition) Good value nazi super soldiers & zombie dobermans

Here’s a good value minisupplement at at $2.00 price…
in which you too can have nazi supersoldiers and zombie dobermans after you

ICONS version for me.

Count Fenris,
Dr Eugenik, Donnerschlag,
Kampfgruppe Eugenik,
Schlagring, Streitaxt,
Traumfrau, Thule Sorcerer,
Uberfallkommando, Uberkrieger, Ubermensch,

Three pages of OGL at the end, too, in this one.

0.13 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

FASERIP Conversions

Want to use other games with FASERIP/4CS?  Here is a quick rough and ready conversion chart for you to get you started or give you ideas.

Table document download here :-


4CS M&M V&V Icons Fudge Bash Traveller GORE OSRIC BB Hero MEGS
Fb <= -4 2 1 -2 0 2,3 <=5 <= 5 1 0-3 0
Pr -2,-1 3-8 2 -1 0 4-5 6-8 6-8 2 4-9 1
Ty 0,1 9-11 3 +0 1 6-8 9-11 9-12 3 10-14 2
Gd 2,3 12-14 4 +1 2 9-A 12-24 13-16 4 15-19 3
Ex 4,5 15-17 5 +2 2 B-E 25-35 17-18 5 20-27 4
Rm 6,7 18-23 6 +3 3 F 36-60 19-20 6 28-44 5,6
In 8,9 24-29 7 +4 3 61-80 21-22 7 45-54 7-9
Am 10-12 30-49 8 +5 4 81-90 23 7 55-57 10
Mn 13,14 50-59 9 +6 4 91-100 24 7 58-59 11
Un 15 60-69 10 +7 5 101-119 24 8 60-79 12
ShX 16 70-79 10 +8 5 120-149 25 9-10 80-99 13-19
ShY 17,18 80-89 10 +9 5 150-199 25 11-12 100-119 20-24
ShZ 19+ 90+ 10 +10 5 200+ 25 13-14 120+ 25+


V&V = Villains & Vigilantes, M&M = Mutants & Masterminds 3rd, BB = Bulletproof Blues

Use the Fudge column for Fate, of course.

ICONS Hero Pack 1

Hero Pack 1

$10.00 –…

This is a good one, done in the Hauser ICONS style…complete with Saguaro and friends at the end. A bunch of characters other people made up…with some standup cutouts included to print out, which is a nice addition. Lots of characters of different variety. Not really differentiated into Good vs Evil directly, only artistically.

Archer, Adamant Levinbolt, All-Star, All American Girl, Alchemist, Atomic Roach,
Bodhivajra, Black Box, Bombardier Beetle, Blacklight, Bramble, Blue Blaze, Ballerophon, Bubba Watley, Big Ben, Bilius Vert, Blakatoa, Blue Marble, Billy Powers,
Crashman, Captain Liberty, Centurion, Catalyst, Cougar, Calamity, Camazotz, Cloud, Collider, Conquistador, Crimson Circlet, Crude,
D’Bat-Set, Diamondstrike, Doc Pliable, Doc Ignus, Dr Axiom, Dark Impetus, Dr Barracuda, Dr Sinisterfield, Desert Storm, Dr Adharma,
Fire-Ant Man, Frostwitch, Fulcrum, Ferd Watley,
Green Knight, General Entropy, Gravedigger, Gauntlet, Galacticron, Grey, Graykallen,
Hellbrand, Hangman,
In43ction, iRon,
Jester, Jack of the Lantern,
Kinetic, Kali,
Lady Bug, LeTraceur, Landshark, Lady Omega, Landspatrioten, Lulabelle Watley,
Mazen Wilder, Mantis-Man, Monkey’s Paw, Magic Gecko, Mentuhotep, Mephiston, Miss Tikal, Mighty Saguaro,
Nocturnal Squirrel, Nighthawk, New King in Yellow, Nightstrike, Nightgaunt, Necromancer,
Omegutan, Old Man Watley,
Phoenix, Phoenix Knight,
rONIn, Red Mountain, Rex Radium, Revenant, Rex Monday,
Speed Demon, Saurian, Spider-Fridge, Scorched Irv, Sparke, Swami, Silvermoth, Sparky the Dharma Dog, Shock Value, Skromtet,
Tinman, Tempus Fugit, Tiger Tom, Talisman, Technologist, Tinman, Trigger Mortis,
Ultraviolet, Utburden,
Vengeance, Volcano,
Whiteout, Weaver, White Witch, Whisper,
Zeppelin, Zeno Faraday, Zen Tao, Zeitgeist,

0.08 Character Cost
1.33 Character Density

ICONS – An Interesting Game

An interesting game. Which you would expect from an experienced designer and more so an experienced superhero designer. See the Mutants and Masterminds Wild Cards books for an example.

This is what you get if you take TSR MSH Advanced game, trim it back a litle (or at least the 4CS public domain version) and add some parts of FATE.

The game mechanic is 1d6-1d6 (or 2d6-7) rather than 4dF or (4d3-8) to get a wider range of outcomes. Changing the dice result range would be a interesting genre tweak for superhero games I think.

The artwork is rather more cartoony than I like but would seem to be certainly fitting for a younger crowd, and the mechanics and writing is simple enough that it would work very nicely there, too.

Random power creation is included with the various character archetypes, so that is fun.

The FATE point and Karma pool for teams ideas are combined to be bit easier on the adding up front. The Leadership skill has a game function here.

Power levels are capped at 10 for the super mega cosmic type – or lift mountain ranges.

The strength of using a FUDGE type mechanic to replay the Universal Table is in ability opposition….a valid criticism of which is that the defense of both Daredevil and a thug as far as being punched by someone is the same. Which is great if you are a PC trying to hit someone and bad if the reverse.

Give I like FASERIP and FUDGE and FATE a lot.

So if any of those appeal, you will like this game, and could certainly hack a few bits into your preferred flavour. Suggests ‘reskinning’ the ability levels with your own favourite adjectives. Fantastic being a good and obvious one instead of Monstrous – especially given that is actually the Thing’s strength level.

Aspects for characters and teams completely fit superheroes with catchphrases, battle cries, mottos and more. So a natural. Compels also help to keep subplots and complications and disadvantages involved rather than forgotten about.

It is certainly good enough that I’ll have a look at some supplements.

Also, Cactus Man. Who actually gets used in a podcast game online!

There are print and digital versions.

4.5 out of 5

ICONS Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp

Origin: Transformed


A young pistol shrimp was unfortunate enough to grow up in the water near a major fast outlet. The toxic effluent released by this waste of space and calories changed him, making him stronger, smarter and much much bigger.


Imagine Lobster Johnson as a shrimp-man and you have it exactly from costume to implacability. A two-fisted shrimp pistol wielder, his water abilities enable the focused blasting of cold, wet concussive force through his water weapons.

Catchphrase: Feel the claws that soak evil. Twice!


6 Prowess
6 Coordination
6 Strength
2 Intellect
3 Awareness
6 Willpower

10 Stamina
1 Determination


4 Extra Body Parts: Claws
3 Invulnerability
3 Water Control
1 Alternate Form: Aquatic
1 Life Support [Cold]


3 Claws Gun Master [Bubble Blast]
1 Underwater Combat

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