USA-50: Book of the West – One a state, one side only good and bad

Got this in a bundle a while back. The premise is that each USA state should have a hero and people have collaborated to make them up. I don’t know if East exists.

Anyway it has multi-page hero and villain writeups with some campaign setting, hooks, hero interviews etc.

$3.42 –

Azure, Armored Waste Disposal Unit [Hector, Cassandra,],
Big Sky,
Captain California, Centennial,
— Doctor Mojave,
Estrella, Eco-Ranger,
— Fire-Bomb, Frost-Bite Baines,
Gem Stone, — Green-Tech, Grey-Snare,
Honey-Bee, — Hanford FX,
Miss Bison, — Kyle Millenion,
Orka Mortale,
— Purple Ox, Prairie Fire,
Silver Line, — Stone-Devil, Serpentyna, Sonora-X, Sorcera Madre,
Wild-Catter, Wind-Talker,

0.12 Character Cost
0.24 Character Density

Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains – Very powerful and lengthy Big Bad writeups

The first of these :- Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains is $28.46 at…

These are the big bads..and Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon are still kicking it, it seems. With epic double page writeups for all the things they can no and their super minions to boot. A lazy 3669 points for Destroyer, apparently. Lots of backstory and different flavours of low level minion detailed in this one with short characteristic differences.

Borealis [Augury, Landsman,],
Doctor Destroyer [Destroyer Soldier, Black Talon Agent, Destroid, Gigaton, Rakshasa, Falchion, Meteor, Spectra, Tarantula, ],
Interface [Guardbot,],
Istvatha V’han [D-Soldier, Hovertank, Starship],
Kigatilik [Tilingkoot,] , Kinematik [Blindside, Fossil, Overdrive,] , King Cobra [Ouroboros, Boomslang, Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil [Agent,],],
Mechanon [Head, Avar-7, Mechana, Subeda, Victrian Walker, Type I-37, Type Delta,], Menton, Doctor Phillipe Moreau,
Necrull [Necrullitician,], Baron Nihil [Storm Knights,],
Joseph Otanga,
Professor Paradigm [Avant Guard, Displacer, Tesseract,],
Shadow Destroyer [Terror, Corundum, Oubliette, Shadow, Colossus, Karkaradon Guard, Thresher, Channeler, Disciple, Corrupt One,], Shadow Queen [Dragon, Human,], Skarn the Shaper [Arthon, Torvost, Brell, Hussar,], Slug [Elder Worm,], Slun, Franklin Stone, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze, Radium,],
Takofanes, Teleiois [Soldier,], Tezcatlipoca [Jaguar, Cultist,], Tyrannon [Tree Throne, Lesser Throne, Viceroy, Emissary, Signifier, Thulkos,]
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Soldier, Flying Fortress,], Doctor Yin Wu [Copper Spear, Golden Axe, Iron Whirlwind, Silver Hand,]

0.27 Character Cost
0.37 Character Density

Enemies of San Angelo – Supporting cast is strong and cosmopolitan

Most of the bad guys here have a significant associated normal that they tie into the background and possible uses, so I will count all those…they all get stats etc as well as writeups. Nicely done and a little more cosmopolitan than some it seems.

Blaze, Blight [Ebony Clarke, Frederick Mason,],
Covert, Chill [Takashi Nomura,], Chrome [Thomas Spinelli,],
Deadweight [Sheila Buckman,],
Eradicator [Patricia Fitzgerald,],
Ferret [Max Heffler], Firefly [Derrick Garwood,],
Glamour [Sasha],
Harpy [Margaret Taylor,], Haze,
Impulse [Ryan Gardner,], Inazuna [Tosabo,],
Jaunt [Christine Washam,],
Mastermind [Steve Willet,],
Professor Klein, Kaleidoscope [Barbara Sun,]
Panacea [Jennifer Matthews,], Pelegro [Miguel Perreira,], Prometheus, Phosphorus [Daniel Chen,],
Quartz [Timothy Connor,], Quick [Jay Brenner],
Ram [Kevin Rockhauer,], Reflec [Kelly Norcross], Riptide,
Seer [William Sutherton,], Salvo [Zachary Belmont,], Senora Del Oro [Wanda Seitz,], Shatter [Pietri Stanovich,], Speed Freak [Sharon Westmore,],
Dr. Talos [Charlie Regan,],
Vamp [David Roberts],

0.60 Character Density

Enemies – Short but packing in the boxes

This is the one I saw :-

Champions – Enemies Revised 1982 Enemies

26 Pages of boxes

Ankylosaur, Avar-7,
Binder, Black Mamba, Blackstar, Blowtorch,
Charger, Cobra,
Dragon Master,
Fox, Frisbee, Firewing,
Herculan, Hideous,
Leech, Lazer, Ladybug, Lightning, Lady Blue,
Minuteman MK-V, Mongoose, Mindslayer,
Panda, Plasmoid,
Raccoon, Ray,
Slick, Shamrock, Sunburst, Sledge,
Thok, Thunder,

1.35 Character Density

Alien Enemies – Solid They Come to Earth Supplement

Champions 4

This is of the ‘they come to Earth’ flavour, with organisations and an adventure. Complete with a Starjammers style group.

Aquarian Sea Beasts, Aquarians,
Cerebraeum, Champ, Case 39,
Specs [Gizmo, Slick, Bruiser, Trekkie,],
Infinite Man,
Ever-Eating Karrg,
Galactic Marauders [Star Galleon, Captain Richaal, Synthre, Chaikayan, Phinress, Doctor Zeinert, Tarchoss, Masq,],
Midnight Society [Org: Automaton Shell, Orb: AI “Computer” Brain, Arcane, Leatherwings, Gremlins,]
Orion the Hunter,
Pantheon [Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Luna, Mercury, Bacchus,]
Spores From Space,
Tyrixx [Warrior, Worker, Thinker, Warship,],
METE [Orrad, Marie Dumont, Diana Ingraham, Dr Bill Elam, Lyle Harrison, Dr Ellen Robinson, Otto Wyndham, Howard Esterhaus,]

0.80 Character Density

This is solid.

Trouble for Havoc!

A Superworld supplement and a rarity in gaming in that it has stats for Champions and Villains & Vigilantes as well.

First there are some rules clarifications with mea culpas and some because I decided so justifications, so those are a little odd. Never been much of a Superworld rules fan…I’d pick Champions instead going that point buy way. I still like to read superhero games though.

Three adventures therein:

A nuclear reactor problem
An underground psychic lost race (which has campaign possibilities)
A downed alien spacecraft with crew that becomes a tug of war between American heroes, Russian heroes and American villains.

So pretty interesting. It was worth getting cheapish on ebay as definitely usable.

FASERIP Conversions

Want to use other games with FASERIP/4CS?  Here is a quick rough and ready conversion chart for you to get you started or give you ideas.

Table document download here :-


4CS M&M V&V Icons Fudge Bash Traveller GORE OSRIC BB Hero MEGS
Fb <= -4 2 1 -2 0 2,3 <=5 <= 5 1 0-3 0
Pr -2,-1 3-8 2 -1 0 4-5 6-8 6-8 2 4-9 1
Ty 0,1 9-11 3 +0 1 6-8 9-11 9-12 3 10-14 2
Gd 2,3 12-14 4 +1 2 9-A 12-24 13-16 4 15-19 3
Ex 4,5 15-17 5 +2 2 B-E 25-35 17-18 5 20-27 4
Rm 6,7 18-23 6 +3 3 F 36-60 19-20 6 28-44 5,6
In 8,9 24-29 7 +4 3 61-80 21-22 7 45-54 7-9
Am 10-12 30-49 8 +5 4 81-90 23 7 55-57 10
Mn 13,14 50-59 9 +6 4 91-100 24 7 58-59 11
Un 15 60-69 10 +7 5 101-119 24 8 60-79 12
ShX 16 70-79 10 +8 5 120-149 25 9-10 80-99 13-19
ShY 17,18 80-89 10 +9 5 150-199 25 11-12 100-119 20-24
ShZ 19+ 90+ 10 +10 5 200+ 25 13-14 120+ 25+


V&V = Villains & Vigilantes, M&M = Mutants & Masterminds 3rd, BB = Bulletproof Blues

Use the Fudge column for Fate, of course.

The Fires of War: The Algernon Files Volume 2 – Excellent Golden Age BlackWyrm universe value

A BlackWyrm Golden Age supplement – with the moment chosen as being 1942. It includes a timeline and several pages of optional rules and what happened to some of the characters, where appropriate, postwar.

This is of similar quality and value to the first.

Anthem, Amadeus, American Eagles [Angelo “Jackie” Benzetti, Cassandra “Cassie” Jennings, Samuel Lincoln, Percy Tidwell,], — Abraxas, Alchemist, Amazon, Atlanteans,
— Blut [Eisen,], Baron Brass,
Cagliostro, Cogito,
Doc Steel, Doc Epoch, — Donner, Dagon, Dr Diablo, Dr Prometheus, Dr Scarab,
— Element of Crime, Emperor of Heaven, Evergreen,
Fearless Five [Malachite the Magician, Pathwork Man, Queen of Hearts, Tommy Triumph, El Toro,], — Falken, Feuerzahn, Dr Veronika Von Frankenstein [Die Shocktruppen,], Fantasia,
Glorianna, Gryphon, Gunslinger, — Grendel, Gilgamesh,
Quincy Harkness, Avery “Red” Hawkins, — Hachiman, Hag,
— Iron Skull,
Jack B. Quick, John Bull, — Jaegerin, Jotun,
Kid Galahad, — Kamikaze,
Quentin “Kid Congo” McKenzie, — Madrigal, Malice Afterthought, Maximus Rex, Morpheus,
— Needle, Nic Time,
Old Glory, Orphans [Juliet, Hans, Otto, Ferdinan, Andrew,], — Oni
Pendragon, — Parzifal
— Requiem, Rex Mundi,
Silent Knight, Sea Devil, Scorpion, — Schreckmaker, Schwarzenritter, Spinne, Saurian Dominion [Shocktroops, Counselors,], Salamanca, See Hexe, Simple Simon,
Thunderbird, Tom Thumb, Timesavers [Archimedes Jones, Samson Smith, Matthew Tangent, Folding Dragon, Zara the Dinosaur Slayer,], — Dr Ernst Thule [Valkyrie, Acolytes,], Tetsujin, Terrible Triumvirate [Esmerelda Griffith, Harcourt Jeykll, Etienne Moreau, Beast Men,],
Ultranaut, — Ungeneur
Watchman, Jackson Wilde, Laurel Wilde, — Wunderkind
— Zeitgeist, Zavier Zodiac,

Both the M&M and Hero versions are $14.95 –…

0.14 Character Cost
0.81 Character Density

The Algernon Files – Quite impressed with this superhero universe

Basically, an entire superhero universe/campaign from Black Wyrm games. A nice layout, with groups and independents and gear and even a several page timeline to finish. Illustrated, in colour.

A good hero to villain balance, to boot.

Algernon, Anthem, Nkebo Achebwe, Lady Absinthe, — Adonis, Assembly,
Rosalyn Berkowitz, Blackheart, Blackbird, Brimstone, Best Man, — Bellerophon, Bloodstar,
Jasper Caldwell, Cyberhawk, Umberto Corvaggio, Chronicle, — Carapace, Carrionette, Cadmus, Charon, Carnelian, Crone [Walking Hut, Lorusski, Vodyanoi, Puzushka, Rusalka,], Crucible,
Emily DaCosta, Dr Rune, Dr Chiropterus, — Dr Prometheus, Damocles, Dervish,
Film Noir, — Facade, Figment,
— Goth, Geryon, Guardian Drones, Golem, Ghoul,
Hardcore, Horus, — Hauntress, Heartbreaker,
Iron Angel, — Ice Queen,
Stan Kirby, Dorian Killgrave [Historians, Soldiers, Magicians, Counterintelligence, Seraphim,], — Kid Shiva, Krait,
Dr Ellen Li, Darren Long, Miss Liberty, — Lament, Lord of Mirrors,
Minuteman, — Magog, Mean Machine,
— Nemesis, Nergal, Night Archer,
Onyx, — Opaque
Peacekeeper, — Prodigal, Perdition, Perseus, Phalanx, Platinum Blonde, Praetorian [Time Tower, War Dogs, Bloodhawks, Battle Sphere, Stridermechs,], Sepulchre, Serpent Queen [Pit Vipers, Initiates of the Hidden Coil, Divine Form of the Snake,],
Quantum Mechanic,
Raptor, Roc,
Doc Steel, Dr Ramohan Shakar, Sebastian Arcane [Nicodemus,], Speed Demon, Spoil Sport, Sundance, Sabbath, — Sanguine, Seventh Son, Singularity, Smog, Speed Metal, Stiltskin, Surefire,
Matthew Trasker, Technomancer, Troll, Think Tank, Templar,
US Steel, — Terminal Velocity, Telemachus, Tiresias,
Wildflower, Wendy Wildstar, Wraith,

Excellent numbers below, too. The M&M version is $14.95 and is the one I was looking at :-…
The Hero version is more…licensing, more work? at $19.95

I am quite impressed by this book.

0.13 Character Cost
0.80 Character Density


FASERIP Classic Enemies


Fourth wall abusing Champions supervillain

F: EX (20) Health: 90
A: RM (30)
S: EX (20) Karma: 36
E: EX (20)
R: EX (20) Resources: TY (6)
I: GD (10)
P: TY (6) Popularity: -IN (-40)


Ping-pong ball gun
Force Blast : Rm (30)
– Gd (10) blinding attack if hit, save vs Endurance
Energy Beam : Ex (20)
Gas Balls : Gd (10)
– armour has no effect, only breathing protection
Entangle : Ex (20)
Darkforce : Gd (10)

Body Armour : Gd (10)
Gliding : Gd (10)
Leaping : Pr (4)
Radar : Gd (10)
Telescopic Vision : Gd (10)
Parabolic Hearing : Gd (10)
Radio Hearing : Gd (10)
Infrared Vision : Gd (10)
Ultrasonic Hearing : Gd (10)

Limitation: Fire damage is increased two ranks and damage that can Kill one rank


Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E
Trivia: Comics and Superheroes


Foswell family

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