Enemies of San Angelo – Supporting cast is strong and cosmopolitan

Most of the bad guys here have a significant associated normal that they tie into the background and possible uses, so I will count all those…they all get stats etc as well as writeups. Nicely done and a little more cosmopolitan than some it seems.

Blaze, Blight [Ebony Clarke, Frederick Mason,],
Covert, Chill [Takashi Nomura,], Chrome [Thomas Spinelli,],
Deadweight [Sheila Buckman,],
Eradicator [Patricia Fitzgerald,],
Ferret [Max Heffler], Firefly [Derrick Garwood,],
Glamour [Sasha],
Harpy [Margaret Taylor,], Haze,
Impulse [Ryan Gardner,], Inazuna [Tosabo,],
Jaunt [Christine Washam,],
Mastermind [Steve Willet,],
Professor Klein, Kaleidoscope [Barbara Sun,]
Panacea [Jennifer Matthews,], Pelegro [Miguel Perreira,], Prometheus, Phosphorus [Daniel Chen,],
Quartz [Timothy Connor,], Quick [Jay Brenner],
Ram [Kevin Rockhauer,], Reflec [Kelly Norcross], Riptide,
Seer [William Sutherton,], Salvo [Zachary Belmont,], Senora Del Oro [Wanda Seitz,], Shatter [Pietri Stanovich,], Speed Freak [Sharon Westmore,],
Dr. Talos [Charlie Regan,],
Vamp [David Roberts],

0.60 Character Density

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