Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains – Very powerful and lengthy Big Bad writeups

The first of these :- Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains is $28.46 at…

These are the big bads..and Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon are still kicking it, it seems. With epic double page writeups for all the things they can no and their super minions to boot. A lazy 3669 points for Destroyer, apparently. Lots of backstory and different flavours of low level minion detailed in this one with short characteristic differences.

Borealis [Augury, Landsman,],
Doctor Destroyer [Destroyer Soldier, Black Talon Agent, Destroid, Gigaton, Rakshasa, Falchion, Meteor, Spectra, Tarantula, ],
Interface [Guardbot,],
Istvatha V’han [D-Soldier, Hovertank, Starship],
Kigatilik [Tilingkoot,] , Kinematik [Blindside, Fossil, Overdrive,] , King Cobra [Ouroboros, Boomslang, Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil [Agent,],],
Mechanon [Head, Avar-7, Mechana, Subeda, Victrian Walker, Type I-37, Type Delta,], Menton, Doctor Phillipe Moreau,
Necrull [Necrullitician,], Baron Nihil [Storm Knights,],
Joseph Otanga,
Professor Paradigm [Avant Guard, Displacer, Tesseract,],
Shadow Destroyer [Terror, Corundum, Oubliette, Shadow, Colossus, Karkaradon Guard, Thresher, Channeler, Disciple, Corrupt One,], Shadow Queen [Dragon, Human,], Skarn the Shaper [Arthon, Torvost, Brell, Hussar,], Slug [Elder Worm,], Slun, Franklin Stone, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze, Radium,],
Takofanes, Teleiois [Soldier,], Tezcatlipoca [Jaguar, Cultist,], Tyrannon [Tree Throne, Lesser Throne, Viceroy, Emissary, Signifier, Thulkos,]
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Soldier, Flying Fortress,], Doctor Yin Wu [Copper Spear, Golden Axe, Iron Whirlwind, Silver Hand,]

0.27 Character Cost
0.37 Character Density

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