The Fires of War: The Algernon Files Volume 2 – Excellent Golden Age BlackWyrm universe value

A BlackWyrm Golden Age supplement – with the moment chosen as being 1942. It includes a timeline and several pages of optional rules and what happened to some of the characters, where appropriate, postwar.

This is of similar quality and value to the first.

Anthem, Amadeus, American Eagles [Angelo “Jackie” Benzetti, Cassandra “Cassie” Jennings, Samuel Lincoln, Percy Tidwell,], — Abraxas, Alchemist, Amazon, Atlanteans,
— Blut [Eisen,], Baron Brass,
Cagliostro, Cogito,
Doc Steel, Doc Epoch, — Donner, Dagon, Dr Diablo, Dr Prometheus, Dr Scarab,
— Element of Crime, Emperor of Heaven, Evergreen,
Fearless Five [Malachite the Magician, Pathwork Man, Queen of Hearts, Tommy Triumph, El Toro,], — Falken, Feuerzahn, Dr Veronika Von Frankenstein [Die Shocktruppen,], Fantasia,
Glorianna, Gryphon, Gunslinger, — Grendel, Gilgamesh,
Quincy Harkness, Avery “Red” Hawkins, — Hachiman, Hag,
— Iron Skull,
Jack B. Quick, John Bull, — Jaegerin, Jotun,
Kid Galahad, — Kamikaze,
Quentin “Kid Congo” McKenzie, — Madrigal, Malice Afterthought, Maximus Rex, Morpheus,
— Needle, Nic Time,
Old Glory, Orphans [Juliet, Hans, Otto, Ferdinan, Andrew,], — Oni
Pendragon, — Parzifal
— Requiem, Rex Mundi,
Silent Knight, Sea Devil, Scorpion, — Schreckmaker, Schwarzenritter, Spinne, Saurian Dominion [Shocktroops, Counselors,], Salamanca, See Hexe, Simple Simon,
Thunderbird, Tom Thumb, Timesavers [Archimedes Jones, Samson Smith, Matthew Tangent, Folding Dragon, Zara the Dinosaur Slayer,], — Dr Ernst Thule [Valkyrie, Acolytes,], Tetsujin, Terrible Triumvirate [Esmerelda Griffith, Harcourt Jeykll, Etienne Moreau, Beast Men,],
Ultranaut, — Ungeneur
Watchman, Jackson Wilde, Laurel Wilde, — Wunderkind
— Zeitgeist, Zavier Zodiac,

Both the M&M and Hero versions are $14.95 –…

0.14 Character Cost
0.81 Character Density

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