The Bad Guys – Varied Power Levels in tiny type


Varied Power Levels from 4 to 19…tiny type


Azeraphel, Ace of Wounds,
Big John, Broken Arrow, Black Thunder, Blitzenhammer, Boy Howdy, Bones,
Captain Valiant, Cimarron Starr,
Doctor Shock, Death Angel, Doctor Moloch PhD, Doctor Destructor, Double Deuce, Diamond Deuce,
Executive Solution D, Executive Solution M, Executive Solution Z, Executive Solution X, Executive Solution R, Executive Solution Q, Executive Solution F, Executive Solution Y, Executive Solution D,
Jim Flint [Mr Flint’s Bodyguards], Executive Solution D,
God, Grim Diddle, Grease Monkey,
Helen Damnation, Hammer of Doom,
Johnny Black, Jim Dandy,
Lone Star Lady, Lady Deuce,
Mano del Muerte, Moebius Man, Mother Moebius, Mr Fist,
Sicko the Clown, Snow Queen, Der Shreik, Steel Deuce, Mr Smith,
Der Totenkopf, Texas Twister,
U-Go-Grrrl, Unicorn,
Vampire Girl,
Wolf-Dog, Woodchuck Man,
Zyclon B, Zelma Zimmer,

0.14 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

Freedom City Archetypes & Legacies – Expensive versatility for Freedom Fans

These :-

$4.95 has…

1 page of OGL in this case

Champion of Light
Freedom Eagle II
Lor Star-Captain
Rogue Grue
Scarab Reborn
Shambala Master
Star Knight
Ultiman Exile
Utopian Envoy

0.50 Character Cost
0.71 Character Density

DC Adventures Heroes & Villains, Vol. I GHOTMU for the 21st Century

The DC Adventures books are the GHOTMU for the 21st century. A great deal and even have he heroes and villains colour coded with plenty of sub-entries. So over 300 characters etc. of note in this one.

Adam Strange, Agent Libery, Air Wave, Animal Man, Aquaman [Dolphin, Mera, Aqualad, Tempest,], Arsenal, Atom [Al Pratt, Ray Palmer, Ryan Choi,], Atom Smasher, Aztek, Azrael, — Abra Kadabra, Amazo, Ambush Bug, Ares, Atomic Skull, Atrocitus,

Batgirl [Stephanie Brown], Batgirl [Cassandra Cain], Batgirl [Barbara Gordon], Batman [Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, Dr Leslie Tompkins,], Batwoman, Beast Boy, Big Barda, Birds of Prey [Lady Blackhawk, Misfit], Black Canary [Dinah Drake Lance], Black Canary [Dinah Lauren Lance], Black Lightning, Blackhawks [Andre Blanc-Dumont Chuck, Blackhawk, Olaf, Hendrickson, Weng Chang, Stanislaus], Blue Beetle [Dan Garrett], Blue Beetle [Ted Kord], Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes], Blue Devil, Blue Devil [Original Version], Blue Lantern Corps [Brother, Sister], Booster Gold [Rip Hunter, Skeets,], Brainiac 5, Bronze Tiger, — Bane, Bizarro, Black Adam, Black Hand, Black Manta [Manta-Men], Blackfire, Blaze, Blockbuster [Roland Desmond, Mark Desmond, Lady Vic], Bolt, Brainiac, Brainiac [Milton Fine], Brother Blood [IX], Brother Blood [VII and Blood Cultist], Brotherhood of Evil [Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Houngan, Gemini, Phobia, Plasmus, Warp,],

Captain Atom, Captain Comet, Captain Marvel [Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior,], Challengers of the Unknown [Leslie “Rocky” Davis, Kyle “Ace” Morgan, Matthew “Red” Ryan, Walter Mark “Prof” Haley, June Robbins,], Colossal Boy, Congorilla, Congo Bill, John Constantine, Cosmic Boy, Creeper, Crimson Avenger [Lee Travis, Unknown,], Cyborg, — Calculator, Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness], Captain Boomerang [Owen “Boomer” Mercer], Captain Cold, Catman, Catwoman, Chameleon Boy, Cheetah [Barbara Minerva, Priscilla Rich, Sebastian Ballesteros,], Chemo, Cheshire, Chronos [David Clinton, Walker Gabriel], Circe [Bestiamorphs,], Clayface [Matthew Hayden, Basil Karlo, Preston Payne, Sondra Fuller, Cassius “Clay” Payne, Dr. Peter Malley, Todd Russell, Johnny Williams,], Copperhead, Count Vertigo, Crime Syndicat [Johnny Quick, Owlman, Power Ring, Superwoman, Ultraman, Barracuda, Blood Eagle, White Martian,], Cyborg Superman,

Damage, Dawnstar, Deadman, Demon [Jason Blood,], Doctor Fate [Fate,], Doctor Light, Doctor Mid-Nite [Dr Pieter Cross, Charles McNider,], Doom Patrol [Chief, Elasti-Woman, Mento, Negative Man, Negative Woman, Robotman, Celsius, Tempest,], Dream Girl, Duplicate Damsel, — Darkseid [Parademons, Desaad, Granny Goodness, Kalibak,], Deadshot, Deathstroke, Demons Three, Despero, Doctor Light, Doctor Polaris, Doctor Psycho, Doctor Syvana, Doomsday,

Element Lad, Elongated Man, Enchantress, Eradicator, — Eclipso, Evil Star,

Fire, Firestorm, Flash [Barry Allen, Iris Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, Linda Park], Freedom Fighters [Firebrand [Andre Twist], Doll Man [Lester Colt], Human Bomb [Andy Franklin], Phantom Lady [Stormy Knight], Black Condor [John Trujillo]], Red Bee [Jenna Raleigh, Robot Drone,], Miss America, Neon [Lanford “Happy” Terrill], Miss America, — Fatal Five [Emerald Empress, Mano, Persuader, Tharok, Validus,], Fearsome Five [Psimon, Gizmo, Jinx, Shimmer, Mammoth, ], Felix Faust, Floronic Man,

Geo-Force, Giganta, Green Arrow [Connor Hawke], Green Arrow [Oliver Queen], Green Lantern Corps [Power Ring, ], Green Lantern [Guy Gardner], Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], [Tom Kalmaku, Jillian “Cowgirl” Pearlman,], Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner], Green Lantern [Alan Scott], Green Lantern [John Stewart], Guardian, Gypsy, — General, Generaal Immortus, General Zod, Gentleman Ghost, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd,

Harbinger [Monitor, Anti-Monitor, New Monitors,], Hawk, Dove, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Jonah Hex, Hitman [Natt “the Hat” Walls], Hourman [Rex Tyler], Hourman [Rick Tyler], Hourman [Matthew Tyler], Lucas “Snapper” Carr, Timothy Hunter, Huntress, Ice, Indigo Lantern Corps [Power Ring, Indigo-1,], — Harley Quinn, Heat Wave, Hector Hammond, H.I.V.E. [Master, Councilor, Recruit, Trooper, Queen Bee, Damien Darhk,],

— Injustice Gang of the World [I.O., I.O. Gang Member,], Injustice Society [Blackbriar Thorn, Icicle, Shiv, Thinker [AI Version], Tigress, Wizard], Isis [Osiris,],
Jemm Son of Saturn, Jade, Johnny Quick, Justice League of America, Justice Society Headquarters [Amazing Man, Lightning, Mathilda “Ma” Hunkel, Mister America,], JSA All-Stars [Citizen Steel, Cyclone, Judomaster [Sonia Sato], King Chimera, Tomcat,], — Jericho, Joker,
Karate Kid, Katana, Kid Flash, — Kanjar Ro, Kestrel, Key, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Killer Moth, Kobra [Bestowed, Lanceheads,],
— Libra,


0.07 Character Cost
0.95 Character Density

Crooks! Good value, with multiple ordinary joes like ninjas and superspies

Says over 50 in the blurb, underselling itself a bit, given the ordinary joe “vampires, superspies, robots” etc. as it mentions. Will definitely pay those given the work put in.

Aliens [Broan, Skoviak, Waloran,], Antag Agents [Technician, Officer,], Atomic Brain,
Beholder, Bestiary [Behemoth, Chimera, Manticore, Undine, ], Black Diamond, Blitz,
Combots [Trainer, Pawn, Knight, ], Cultists [Initiate, Adept, Trusted Sibling, Highest Among Equals, Most Holy,], Carrion Queen, Choke Chain, Clique [Boy Toy, Crush, Jawbreaker, Other Woman, Pixie, Wallflower, ], Czar,
Demons [Enforce, Nemesis, ], Dr Dungeon,
Goblins [Henchling, Gremlin, ],
Iron Cross,
Johnny Reb,
Kalak the Mystic,
Mechanauts [Thunder, Armageddon], Military Personnel [Soldier, Snip[er, Officer, ], Miss Martian, Moodswing, Moonquake, Mountain King, Murder Man [Butcher Boy, ],
Ninjas [Gray, Red, White, Master of Nine Winds, ], Neutronik, Nihilist,
Player 2,
Redhawk, Rose Monk [White Lotus Clan Monk],
Security Agents [Rent-a-cop, Bodyguard, Security Expert], Sky Pirates [Wingman, Rocket Jockey], Stellar Guardsman, Superspies [Secret Agent, Archive Agent, ], Singularity, Sister Blister, Sovereign, Spasm, Sulemain,
Terrorists [Martyr, Revolutionary,], Thugs [Goon, Boost-Boy, Assassin, ], Tag Team [Burner, Tag, Toykiller,], Toreador,
Unitrol Mediators [Officer, P.H.S.T., ], Unifier,
Vampires [Bystander, Elite Fanglord, ], Vagabond [Aphex Key,],
Werewolves [Bystander (masked), Bystander (lupine), Soldier, ], Wasphawk, Waymaker,
Zombies [Bystander, Bystander (ravenous dead), Soldier,],

So, pretty good, but very cheesy cartoony artwork for a more than fair share of psychopaths et. al. Pretty good overall.

$14.00 –…

0.12 Character Cost
0.87 Character Density

FASERIP Conversions

Want to use other games with FASERIP/4CS?  Here is a quick rough and ready conversion chart for you to get you started or give you ideas.

Table document download here :-


4CS M&M V&V Icons Fudge Bash Traveller GORE OSRIC BB Hero MEGS
Fb <= -4 2 1 -2 0 2,3 <=5 <= 5 1 0-3 0
Pr -2,-1 3-8 2 -1 0 4-5 6-8 6-8 2 4-9 1
Ty 0,1 9-11 3 +0 1 6-8 9-11 9-12 3 10-14 2
Gd 2,3 12-14 4 +1 2 9-A 12-24 13-16 4 15-19 3
Ex 4,5 15-17 5 +2 2 B-E 25-35 17-18 5 20-27 4
Rm 6,7 18-23 6 +3 3 F 36-60 19-20 6 28-44 5,6
In 8,9 24-29 7 +4 3 61-80 21-22 7 45-54 7-9
Am 10-12 30-49 8 +5 4 81-90 23 7 55-57 10
Mn 13,14 50-59 9 +6 4 91-100 24 7 58-59 11
Un 15 60-69 10 +7 5 101-119 24 8 60-79 12
ShX 16 70-79 10 +8 5 120-149 25 9-10 80-99 13-19
ShY 17,18 80-89 10 +9 5 150-199 25 11-12 100-119 20-24
ShZ 19+ 90+ 10 +10 5 200+ 25 13-14 120+ 25+


V&V = Villains & Vigilantes, M&M = Mutants & Masterminds 3rd, BB = Bulletproof Blues

Use the Fudge column for Fate, of course.

The Fires of War: The Algernon Files Volume 2 – Excellent Golden Age BlackWyrm universe value

A BlackWyrm Golden Age supplement – with the moment chosen as being 1942. It includes a timeline and several pages of optional rules and what happened to some of the characters, where appropriate, postwar.

This is of similar quality and value to the first.

Anthem, Amadeus, American Eagles [Angelo “Jackie” Benzetti, Cassandra “Cassie” Jennings, Samuel Lincoln, Percy Tidwell,], — Abraxas, Alchemist, Amazon, Atlanteans,
— Blut [Eisen,], Baron Brass,
Cagliostro, Cogito,
Doc Steel, Doc Epoch, — Donner, Dagon, Dr Diablo, Dr Prometheus, Dr Scarab,
— Element of Crime, Emperor of Heaven, Evergreen,
Fearless Five [Malachite the Magician, Pathwork Man, Queen of Hearts, Tommy Triumph, El Toro,], — Falken, Feuerzahn, Dr Veronika Von Frankenstein [Die Shocktruppen,], Fantasia,
Glorianna, Gryphon, Gunslinger, — Grendel, Gilgamesh,
Quincy Harkness, Avery “Red” Hawkins, — Hachiman, Hag,
— Iron Skull,
Jack B. Quick, John Bull, — Jaegerin, Jotun,
Kid Galahad, — Kamikaze,
Quentin “Kid Congo” McKenzie, — Madrigal, Malice Afterthought, Maximus Rex, Morpheus,
— Needle, Nic Time,
Old Glory, Orphans [Juliet, Hans, Otto, Ferdinan, Andrew,], — Oni
Pendragon, — Parzifal
— Requiem, Rex Mundi,
Silent Knight, Sea Devil, Scorpion, — Schreckmaker, Schwarzenritter, Spinne, Saurian Dominion [Shocktroops, Counselors,], Salamanca, See Hexe, Simple Simon,
Thunderbird, Tom Thumb, Timesavers [Archimedes Jones, Samson Smith, Matthew Tangent, Folding Dragon, Zara the Dinosaur Slayer,], — Dr Ernst Thule [Valkyrie, Acolytes,], Tetsujin, Terrible Triumvirate [Esmerelda Griffith, Harcourt Jeykll, Etienne Moreau, Beast Men,],
Ultranaut, — Ungeneur
Watchman, Jackson Wilde, Laurel Wilde, — Wunderkind
— Zeitgeist, Zavier Zodiac,

Both the M&M and Hero versions are $14.95 –…

0.14 Character Cost
0.81 Character Density

The Algernon Files – Quite impressed with this superhero universe

Basically, an entire superhero universe/campaign from Black Wyrm games. A nice layout, with groups and independents and gear and even a several page timeline to finish. Illustrated, in colour.

A good hero to villain balance, to boot.

Algernon, Anthem, Nkebo Achebwe, Lady Absinthe, — Adonis, Assembly,
Rosalyn Berkowitz, Blackheart, Blackbird, Brimstone, Best Man, — Bellerophon, Bloodstar,
Jasper Caldwell, Cyberhawk, Umberto Corvaggio, Chronicle, — Carapace, Carrionette, Cadmus, Charon, Carnelian, Crone [Walking Hut, Lorusski, Vodyanoi, Puzushka, Rusalka,], Crucible,
Emily DaCosta, Dr Rune, Dr Chiropterus, — Dr Prometheus, Damocles, Dervish,
Film Noir, — Facade, Figment,
— Goth, Geryon, Guardian Drones, Golem, Ghoul,
Hardcore, Horus, — Hauntress, Heartbreaker,
Iron Angel, — Ice Queen,
Stan Kirby, Dorian Killgrave [Historians, Soldiers, Magicians, Counterintelligence, Seraphim,], — Kid Shiva, Krait,
Dr Ellen Li, Darren Long, Miss Liberty, — Lament, Lord of Mirrors,
Minuteman, — Magog, Mean Machine,
— Nemesis, Nergal, Night Archer,
Onyx, — Opaque
Peacekeeper, — Prodigal, Perdition, Perseus, Phalanx, Platinum Blonde, Praetorian [Time Tower, War Dogs, Bloodhawks, Battle Sphere, Stridermechs,], Sepulchre, Serpent Queen [Pit Vipers, Initiates of the Hidden Coil, Divine Form of the Snake,],
Quantum Mechanic,
Raptor, Roc,
Doc Steel, Dr Ramohan Shakar, Sebastian Arcane [Nicodemus,], Speed Demon, Spoil Sport, Sundance, Sabbath, — Sanguine, Seventh Son, Singularity, Smog, Speed Metal, Stiltskin, Surefire,
Matthew Trasker, Technomancer, Troll, Think Tank, Templar,
US Steel, — Terminal Velocity, Telemachus, Tiresias,
Wildflower, Wendy Wildstar, Wraith,

Excellent numbers below, too. The M&M version is $14.95 and is the one I was looking at :-…
The Hero version is more…licensing, more work? at $19.95

I am quite impressed by this book.

0.13 Character Cost
0.80 Character Density

Adepts of the Arcane – Long on backstory

Characters from Big Finger’s creation Infiniverse, apparently. These of the magical variety. 12 mentioned but there are a few antagonists scattered throughout extensive character backgrounds and adventure hooks.

Armageddon Girl [Kid Apocalypse,], Aspirant,
Carmody the Rebel, Cold Comfort [The Bride,],
Magister, Midnight Edition,
Nether [Red Monk,],
Prime-Mortal [Batrachian Hybrids,], Patriarch
Sweet Synn,

$8.24 –…

0.52 Character Cost
0.19 Character Density

Adventures into Darkness – Public Domain and Horrors

Heroes — Villains

The American Eagle, Ace Buckley, — Arsenath the Body Snatcher,
— Baron von Jundt: The Black Scholar, Blitz,
Captain Future, The Cavalier,
“Doc” Strange, The Dreammaster, — Dagon, Devilfish,
The Fighting Yank, — Professor Fenton,
The Ghost,
— Henry Akeley,
Kara: Jungle Princess, — Keziah the Witch,
The Liberator, — Lucifuge,
The Mask, Mystico: the Wonder Man,
The Night Terror, Nodens,
The Oracle, — Outer Ones, The Ooze,
The Scarab,
— The Yellow Lama,

So some Public Domain fun and games here. I have the PDQ version.

CC = 0.34 CD = 0.63

Another 13 Shades of Darkness – Double Century Campaign Sized

Average PDI Agent, Elijah Al-Alim [Commando X],
Black Phantom, Borderers,
Code Name Wifebeater, Cretin [Captain Valiant], Cryptic Star, Mr Chiang,
Discarded, Delirium, Angelica De Lynn, Malcolm Deckerd, Dr Moloch PHD,
Goop, Generic Security Goon,
Horrible Thing, Donna Hopewell, Heavy Brother,
Eileen Kowalski-Wright, Epsilon,
Longing Dead, Lash Lightning,
Mary Blood [Mary’s Brood, Van Helsing Foundation Vampire Killer], Misery [The Black Skull, Army of the Black Skull, Lady Justice,], M’aal’iss’ha, Maiden,
Dr Natalia Noble, Eric Noble [Project Paragon MK],
Penitent, Professor Purgatory, Neco-Wyrms
Rage Angels [Megan, Taylor,], Regiment [Dr Groovy, Vile Frog Monster From 30 Million AD,],
Sweet Adeline, Sister Tranquility, Sister Splendor, Hector Sandovar, Dr Shock, Stink-Wortle the Imp, Scrivener Demon,
Violator Red, Vore Dogs, Voracious Legion, Captain Valiant,
X-Hort the Converted,

This supplement says 13 villains…but it is 233 pages, which does cause you to wonder.

As you can see, a lot of other characters included under there. The major thirteen get several pages of backstory writeup, plus there are adventures, spells, gear and assorted supporting characters, aliens and monsters

You could do a campaign with this book.

So call it 50 odd characters of so for $14.99.

How about character cost CC is price per character and character density CD = characters per page.

The lower the density the more other material there is, or other formatting.

CC = 0.28 CD = 0.23

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