Adventures into Darkness – Public Domain and Horrors

Heroes — Villains

The American Eagle, Ace Buckley, — Arsenath the Body Snatcher,
— Baron von Jundt: The Black Scholar, Blitz,
Captain Future, The Cavalier,
“Doc” Strange, The Dreammaster, — Dagon, Devilfish,
The Fighting Yank, — Professor Fenton,
The Ghost,
— Henry Akeley,
Kara: Jungle Princess, — Keziah the Witch,
The Liberator, — Lucifuge,
The Mask, Mystico: the Wonder Man,
The Night Terror, Nodens,
The Oracle, — Outer Ones, The Ooze,
The Scarab,
— The Yellow Lama,

So some Public Domain fun and games here. I have the PDQ version.

CC = 0.34 CD = 0.63

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