FASERIP-Slugfest: Wolverine vs Sabretooth


Taking the recent versions from Ben Riely, we have the stronger and more during Sabretooth vs Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws, basically. There’s an earlier version that just had Wolverine with Excellent damage with Claws – but the X-Men boxed set version also said he just restrained himself to Excellent vs human opponents. Not sure he counts Creed as human. Wolvering has a slight initiative edge, too. Also, faster simulations with more damage.

This meant instituting Weapon Specialist rules, Edged weapon checks and artificial body armour shredding. I have not put Berserk in, but this would have the effect of more hits, fewer stuns, so can compare the two once I write the Berserk code.

Battles: 10000; Sum of rounds: 37975; Sabretooth: 0.27 ± 0.0; Wolverine: 0.73 ± 0.0;

Team Sabretooth = winning battles: 2721; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
Team Wolverine = winning battles: 7279; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
------------------------------------------------- Combatants ------------------------------------------------
Sabretooth: {team=Sabretooth; avg Health=-18.5115 (from 160); damage done (per battle average)= 65.14; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 3.26/0.0/1.37/0.43/1.6; rounds (PBA)=2.8;}
Wolverine: {team=Wolverine; avg Health=52.7345 (from 110); damage done (per battle average)= 187.4; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 2.5/0.0/1.09/0.21/1.44; rounds (PBA)=2.92;}

If you chuck Sabretooth in a vat of adamantium, and he gets Monstrous claws it flips the other way, although not as far as Wolverine still has the initiative advantage, but can now be put down in two hits. Neither of them will regenerate fast enough to matter in fights this short. Another thing to do – a number of rounds distribution.

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