FASERIP-Slugfest: It’s Clobberin’ Time!

The version of The Thing in the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set Judges book has Monstrous Strength and Endurance.

The Ben Riely updated version has Unearthly Strength and Monstrous Endurance. The original version, if fighting the Hulk toe to toe can’t hurt him or Stun him by the rules (Strength is less than the Hulk’s Unearthly Endurance). That makes a 100% win rate for The Hulk in those times, despite the Thing being a superior fighter – at Incredible and Martial Arts B. He’d have to charge or get tricky to be able to do anythng.

The Hulk has Monstrous Body Armour vs Physical – The Thing only Incredible.

A Good test of the FASERIP-Slugfest Body Armour code changes.

The Thing’s superior Fighting Skills allow him to compete here:-

Battles: 5000; Sum of rounds: 30452; The Hulk: 0.87 ± 0.0; The Thing: 0.13 ± 0.0;

Team The Hulk = winning battles: 4368; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
Team The Thing = winning battles: 632; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
------------------------------------------------- Combatants ------------------------------------------------
The Hulk: {team=The Hulk; avg Health=101.55 (from 240); damage done (per battle average)= 228.36; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 3.81/1.43/0.31/0.0/3.1; rounds (PBA)=5.92;}
The Thing: {team=The Thing; avg Health=-3.36 (from 225); damage done (per battle average)= 138.45; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 5.54/2.43/0.44/0.0/3.43; rounds (PBA)=5.09;}

Of course, if the Hulk gets mad, very different story. Also a bunch more code to do those +1 CS a round changes.

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