Annihilation Premium Event Book – Campaign with bonus rules and space mayhem

Interesting idea: have a campaign book that includes the basic rules. Possibly the winner for the most complicated dice mechanic ever with its d4 and d6 and d8 stepups and pools and doom pools and opportunities. Definitely interesting but takes a few minutes to get your head around. Dice needed by the bucketload. A program/calculator definitely good for this game. The game does lack a little in pointing out: yes do your own hero if you want, examples, but it is there. Plus a hero point type mechanic, which is always good. What the particular system of taking a die from various personality/power/skills etc. mechanic seems to encourage is the ability to allow greatly disparate characters to operate together. The low-granularity 4/6/8/10/12 levels brings various characters closer together, too. Perhaps a good thing when using a myriad of alreading setting created types.

Disappointingly, this does not have character stats for all the Guardians of the Galaxy. Presumably they were coming in the latter parts. As a campaign, it is broad strokes sections and ideas for a gamemaster who needs to fill in the details with the players. Some serious space opposition and fun to be had. Would be a good one to pillage for another game, too. Also has some ideas and similarities that could be used a la Icons and FATE, too. Better than I thought it would be.

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