Dungeon23 Overview – Whatever happened to Dr Ruby?

The basic setting

1830s science fantasy Australia

The setup:

In 2042 the supervillian Dr Ruby apparently died. The Superhero 2044 game setting is post a six day nuclear war in 2003 and in 2029 the aliens from Formalhaut arrived.

Dr Ruby destroyed the premier superteam. Ruby was a geologist and comuter scientist of fantastic ability. In their final standoff he threatened nuclear devastation, he instead ended up blowing up Mount Inguri, causing an eruption, killing most of the team and presumably Ruby.

Not so. His forcefield and lava armour let him escape through a prepared tunnel out of the mountain – traces of which vanished in the volcanic eruption.

Dr Ruby and Force Field
Dr Ruby – Lava Armour

The good doctor absconded to Lord Howe Island. Unknown to anyone, Dr Ruby was a team. His sister, a talented spy who could pass for the mysterious doctor and an even better computer scientist and physicist had prepared a lair there. Ironically, in a volcanic shield cone.

There, she had made a breakthrough. Time travel. Limited, in that it could only go to one place and only backwards – around as far as a century. So most of the time she had been working on a base for the pair of them – but off the coast of 1830s to be Australia.

Her brother’s antics provided cash and also distracted the Science Police and the Freedom League from finding out about her and her research.

This secret base is #Dungeon23.

Some background/overview musings can be found here https://cosmicheroes.space/blog/index.php/dungeon23/

– with more Australia and 2044 notes.

Superhero 2044 – Stars Without Number Heroic

Stars Without Number Revised also has options for Heroic Characters … as does the First Edition with Mandata Archive Stellar Heroes. Possibly combine the advantages there.

So those would be good to tweak if going the route of joining these two games.

There are a couple of d20 Superhero games like Deeds Not Words and Guardians, too.

Random Super Agents Generation for Classic Marvel RPG

From Republic of Replicants.

Random Super Agent Generation

A fun touch – random facial hair.

This is good, as what is in the game is very generic, and no supplement as such.

Thinking about the Ingurian Science Police, this can be nicely adapted.

Superhero 2044 – Formalhautians Without Number

Superhero 2044 – A Retrospective

See links at the bottom of the above for more Superhero 2044 info (including one I wrote a while ago). and also :-

Thoul’s Paradise Interview With Donald Saxman
Super Rules for Superhero 2044 – Thoul’s Paradise
Rules Enhancements for Superhero 2044 – Donald Saxman
Suprised by Superhero 2044 – Christian Lindke

Superhero 2044 Second Edition Revised
Superhero 2044 Second Edition Revised – Update
Superhero 2044 Revised Combat System
Superhero 2044 Revised Bloomberg Map
My Superhero 2044 Campaign

See the very interesting posts above about considerations on a new version. As opposed to bizarre failed kickstarters, etc.

In Secret Santicore 2015 I did a request for Super Powers in D&D Type Fantasy :-
See page 36 on wards.

Robert Kurcina above is updating Superhero 2044.

In Superhero 2044 there are three types of characters in the rules :-

Characters in Superhero 2044 – Thoul’s Paradise

Ubermensch – Batman
Toolmasters – Iron Man
Uniques – The Flash

The thought I had this morning is that you can map those onto the three basic types in Kevin Crawford’s Stars Without Number.

Stars Without Number Revised Edition Character Creation


These would map :-

Ubermensch – Warrior
Toolmaster – Expert
Psychic – Unique

Faction rules etc could then map into the patrolling system for Superhero 2044.

The Hazard IPSP ISIS Map has 1800 hexes of Australia and Oceania and Inguria as a good starting point, too.

Hazard Review by Thoul’s Paradise

Amazingly, by accident I discovered someone had digitised, this, too,. Won’t have to chop up one of my copies, now!

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Superhero Random Encounters
Generating Random Encounter –
1 – Target
– Treasure
2 – Perpetrator
– Alien
3 – Alien Encounter
– People
4 – Aliens
– Formalhautians

As that is very topical given what I am going to write about later!!!

Superhero 2044

Superhero 2044

A short game for sure.


Traces the development of the game growing out of cross-genre science fantasy campaigns.


Covers the first couple of pages and gives some brief gaming advice.
The 2044 World Almanac Excerpt is on page 2…Shanter Island, Inguria, Population 243,000 in 2040, 523 square km and runs on the NWC Pseudodollar. Has a volcano. It gives the history where a spaceport was opened in 2001 after the Indian-Australian war zone until the six-day war in 2003. Escaped destruction and renamed itself in 2029, joining the New Whole Commonwealth of Nations.

Ingurian supers [Uniques] spearheaded relocation of Fomaulhaut aliens in 2023 when signals were received. Teleporters! So the setting has advanced alien hybrid technology but a ban on atomic power. More background follows, including ‘to compete with other media, newspaper became computerised.’

Fomalhautians need energy pills and can’t eat Terran food. Bipedal humanoids from a 1.4g world and have grey body hair.

Then a background of Inguria and Bloomberg with maps through 5-6. Details of some organisations through 8 including the Science Police.

Page 9 has The Superhero Shop, run by the severely injured member of an old Unique group. Where it is suggested to the GM that anything can be had needed for a plot. Underdog would be set if he can out.

Character Design

Starts on page 10 with the note about the local team and the destruction of the prior Freedom League in 2042 by Doctor Ruby who suffered the good old perished in a volcano problem. You have to patrol 25 hours a week and maintain a locate and prevent score of 8 to be in the IPSP. Patrol rules. Free healthcare and a stipend if you do.


Vigor – health and physical susceptibility
Stamina – includes HTH fighting and running ability
Endurance – ability to withstand punishment

Three Classes

Uniques – Have actual superpowers far beyond etc. [Superman is the example]
Toolmaster – High Tech [Iron Man is the example]
Ubermensch – Utmost Training [Tarzan is the exaple]

Prime Requisite Points

140 to divide among the 7, with a minimum of 1 in each.

Ubermensch -20 Men, +20 End, Vig, Sta, Dex
Toolmasters +20 Men, -10 Vig, Sta, End
Uniques +20 Cha

The book suggests less than 10 is a bad idea.

At GM discretion, up to 50 points may be added to represent an ability or skill. Like 50 points of bullet soaking. Unique powers are done like this with 50 points of transformation or a mental attack. Some powers are problems to adapt it says, so make up other ways to do it. Weaknesses get extra power. Players should _not_ know what is needed to gain extra points by experience! Gives examples of three characters, Apollyon a Ubermensch, Avenging Knight a toolmaster and Charmer a Unique.

Page 12 has the tables for the abilities and starts with the Weekly Planning Sheet you have to fill out. In the future, they still have timesheets unfortunately. There’s a form to copy, Patrol, Rest, School, Practice, Research and other. Location, Prevention. Space for money and prime requisites. Patrol results by the referee.

Combat starts on page 16.

Move twice, attack twice or move and attack. Highest Dex first.

Four attack types: Physical, Transformation, Mental, Projectile (all distance).

Universal Combat Matrix

Compares attack ability to Ego or Stamina and gives a 3d6 die roll (high).

Treatment for injuries, a basic weapon damage table, with class of weapon and also a four modification tables based on manoeuvres, circumstance and ability and class for each of the four attack types.

Four hit locations, which each have half of the total Vigor points. Out of Vigor in your head = dead, Jim.

A projectile weapons table, a movement table and we are on page 18.


Crime prevention type ratings given by the GM. 1-10 in Prevent, Locate, Stop, Capture, Convict, Leads and Damage. Timesheets and KPIs rule in Inguria.

Page 19 is an example Handicapping scenario for Captain Gravity, a Unique.

Page 20 has Patrol rules, crime density, areas and calculations.

Then a character sheet and Page 21 and 22 crime frequency and data tables printout sheets. Patrol finishes on 23.

Salaries, litigation, insurance, costs, gear and vehicles etc. go to page 26.

Solo rules on 27 and 28.

Optional training rules on 29. Hiring people up to 31 with more combat rules to specify things a bit more than the really simple generic ones. Transformation saving through for a Human is 12, but other Sentient Being is 6. Note, d20 saving throws. Percentage dice stuff in here too. Character bits, thug morale, supervillain crime data sheet through 35. A supervillain character and planning sheet on 36.

Two Uniques given on page 37, Sunburst and Multiplex. A Zocchi dice ad and the back cover is a fun superheroes playing a game homage/parody.

So as I think Christian Lindke also said, this groundbreaker had some good ideas and an interesting setting in an unplayable game system without a lot of work.

Which was pretty much my opinion as a kid, from memory.

Something like this to go with the others

* out of 10 Price (lower is cheaper per page)
2 out of 10 Length (lower is shorter)
2 out of 10 Complexity (lower is easier)
1 out of 10 Playability
4 out of 10 Artwork

3.5 out of 10 Overall

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