Dungeon23 Overview – Whatever happened to Dr Ruby?

The basic setting

1830s science fantasy Australia

The setup:

In 2042 the supervillian Dr Ruby apparently died. The Superhero 2044 game setting is post a six day nuclear war in 2003 and in 2029 the aliens from Formalhaut arrived.

Dr Ruby destroyed the premier superteam. Ruby was a geologist and comuter scientist of fantastic ability. In their final standoff he threatened nuclear devastation, he instead ended up blowing up Mount Inguri, causing an eruption, killing most of the team and presumably Ruby.

Not so. His forcefield and lava armour let him escape through a prepared tunnel out of the mountain – traces of which vanished in the volcanic eruption.

Dr Ruby and Force Field
Dr Ruby – Lava Armour

The good doctor absconded to Lord Howe Island. Unknown to anyone, Dr Ruby was a team. His sister, a talented spy who could pass for the mysterious doctor and an even better computer scientist and physicist had prepared a lair there. Ironically, in a volcanic shield cone.

There, she had made a breakthrough. Time travel. Limited, in that it could only go to one place and only backwards – around as far as a century. So most of the time she had been working on a base for the pair of them – but off the coast of 1830s to be Australia.

Her brother’s antics provided cash and also distracted the Science Police and the Freedom League from finding out about her and her research.

This secret base is #Dungeon23.

Some background/overview musings can be found here https://cosmicheroes.space/blog/index.php/dungeon23/

– with more Australia and 2044 notes.

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