Superhero 2044 – Formalhautians Without Number

Superhero 2044 – A Retrospective

See links at the bottom of the above for more Superhero 2044 info (including one I wrote a while ago). and also :-

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My Superhero 2044 Campaign

See the very interesting posts above about considerations on a new version. As opposed to bizarre failed kickstarters, etc.

In Secret Santicore 2015 I did a request for Super Powers in D&D Type Fantasy :-
See page 36 on wards.

Robert Kurcina above is updating Superhero 2044.

In Superhero 2044 there are three types of characters in the rules :-

Characters in Superhero 2044 – Thoul’s Paradise

Ubermensch – Batman
Toolmasters – Iron Man
Uniques – The Flash

The thought I had this morning is that you can map those onto the three basic types in Kevin Crawford’s Stars Without Number.

Stars Without Number Revised Edition Character Creation


These would map :-

Ubermensch – Warrior
Toolmaster – Expert
Psychic – Unique

Faction rules etc could then map into the patrolling system for Superhero 2044.

The Hazard IPSP ISIS Map has 1800 hexes of Australia and Oceania and Inguria as a good starting point, too.

Hazard Review by Thoul’s Paradise

Amazingly, by accident I discovered someone had digitised, this, too,. Won’t have to chop up one of my copies, now!

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