The Bad Guys – Varied Power Levels in tiny type


Varied Power Levels from 4 to 19…tiny type


Azeraphel, Ace of Wounds,
Big John, Broken Arrow, Black Thunder, Blitzenhammer, Boy Howdy, Bones,
Captain Valiant, Cimarron Starr,
Doctor Shock, Death Angel, Doctor Moloch PhD, Doctor Destructor, Double Deuce, Diamond Deuce,
Executive Solution D, Executive Solution M, Executive Solution Z, Executive Solution X, Executive Solution R, Executive Solution Q, Executive Solution F, Executive Solution Y, Executive Solution D,
Jim Flint [Mr Flint’s Bodyguards], Executive Solution D,
God, Grim Diddle, Grease Monkey,
Helen Damnation, Hammer of Doom,
Johnny Black, Jim Dandy,
Lone Star Lady, Lady Deuce,
Mano del Muerte, Moebius Man, Mother Moebius, Mr Fist,
Sicko the Clown, Snow Queen, Der Shreik, Steel Deuce, Mr Smith,
Der Totenkopf, Texas Twister,
U-Go-Grrrl, Unicorn,
Vampire Girl,
Wolf-Dog, Woodchuck Man,
Zyclon B, Zelma Zimmer,

0.14 Character Cost
0.35 Character Density

USA-50: Book of the West – One a state, one side only good and bad

Got this in a bundle a while back. The premise is that each USA state should have a hero and people have collaborated to make them up. I don’t know if East exists.

Anyway it has multi-page hero and villain writeups with some campaign setting, hooks, hero interviews etc.

$3.42 –

Azure, Armored Waste Disposal Unit [Hector, Cassandra,],
Big Sky,
Captain California, Centennial,
— Doctor Mojave,
Estrella, Eco-Ranger,
— Fire-Bomb, Frost-Bite Baines,
Gem Stone, — Green-Tech, Grey-Snare,
Honey-Bee, — Hanford FX,
Miss Bison, — Kyle Millenion,
Orka Mortale,
— Purple Ox, Prairie Fire,
Silver Line, — Stone-Devil, Serpentyna, Sonora-X, Sorcera Madre,
Wild-Catter, Wind-Talker,

0.12 Character Cost
0.24 Character Density

Freedom City Archetypes & Legacies – Expensive versatility for Freedom Fans

These :-

$4.95 has…

1 page of OGL in this case

Champion of Light
Freedom Eagle II
Lor Star-Captain
Rogue Grue
Scarab Reborn
Shambala Master
Star Knight
Ultiman Exile
Utopian Envoy

0.50 Character Cost
0.71 Character Density

MA4: The Fantastic Four Compendium – Third MSH Advanced Compendium is still very good

The first family finally got their monster manual with the advent of the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set, with allies and enemies in large numbers throughout. These advanced team focused mixed collections are excellent. Although the FF are always the third in line as a smaller team with fewer relationships and hence a smaller cast around them. The FF are written up in more detail each due to having the space, there’s a mini adventure at the end and after the first 75 pages of characters it details all the strange and wonderful places the FF might adventure in:hence entries in the below list for Kestorian, etc.

Julie Angel, Aquarian, Alpha Primitives, Atlanteans, — Attuma, Annihilus,
Black Bolt, — Basilisk, Blastaar, Burners,
Crystal, Crusader, Chosen, — Elspeth Cromwell, Clobbers,
Dorrie Evans, Dorma, — Doctor Doom [Doomsman, Robot, Guardian Robot, Killer Robot, Victor Von Doom II, Doctor Doom II, Zorba,], Darkoth the Death Destroyer, Diablo [Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Transmutant,], Doctor Sun, Dragon Man,
— Eliminator, Ego,
— Frightful Four [Wingless Wizard, Trapster, Sandman]
Dr Jacob Grimm, Dr Petunia Grimm, Guardsman, Gorgon, Giganto, — Galactus [Galactus Cat, Punisher I, Silver Surfer, Air-Walker, Air-Walker Automaton, Firelord, Destroyer, Terrax, Nova II,], Gormuu,
Human Torch II, Agatha Harkness, H.E.R.B.I.E., Phineas Horton, High Evolutionary, Her, — Hate Monger, Hate Monger III, Head Brothers,
Invisible Woman, Impossible Man, Inhumans,
Karnak, — Krang, Kestorian,
Luna, Lockjaw, — Lava Men, Living Computers of Xandar,
Mister Fantastic, Medusa, Ms Marvel II, Alicia Masters, Maya, Lorrie Melton, Maximus, — Mephisto, Miracle Man, Mole Man, Molecule Man, Moloids,
Namorita, — Nicholas Scrarch, New Men,
Red Ghost,
Power Man, — Psycho-Man, Peotor, Puppet Master, Pseudo-Skrulls,
Quasar, Quon,
Frankie Raye,
She-Hulk, Sharon Selleck, Stingray, Spinnerette, Sub-Mariner, — Skrulls, Super-Skrull, Skrull-X, Super-Apes, Salem’s Seven [Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Vakume, Thornn, Vertigo,], Terminus, Mad Thinker [Android, Human Torch I],
Thing, Tattletale, Tarianna, Thundra, Triton,
Wyatt Wingfoot, Watcher, Adam Warlock, — Wendy’s Friends, Winged Flyers,

1.21 Character Density

Eugenics Brigade (ICONS Edition) Good value nazi super soldiers & zombie dobermans

Here’s a good value minisupplement at at $2.00 price…
in which you too can have nazi supersoldiers and zombie dobermans after you

ICONS version for me.

Count Fenris,
Dr Eugenik, Donnerschlag,
Kampfgruppe Eugenik,
Schlagring, Streitaxt,
Traumfrau, Thule Sorcerer,
Uberfallkommando, Uberkrieger, Ubermensch,

Three pages of OGL at the end, too, in this one.

0.13 Character Cost
0.83 Character Density

Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains – Very powerful and lengthy Big Bad writeups

The first of these :- Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains is $28.46 at…

These are the big bads..and Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon are still kicking it, it seems. With epic double page writeups for all the things they can no and their super minions to boot. A lazy 3669 points for Destroyer, apparently. Lots of backstory and different flavours of low level minion detailed in this one with short characteristic differences.

Borealis [Augury, Landsman,],
Doctor Destroyer [Destroyer Soldier, Black Talon Agent, Destroid, Gigaton, Rakshasa, Falchion, Meteor, Spectra, Tarantula, ],
Interface [Guardbot,],
Istvatha V’han [D-Soldier, Hovertank, Starship],
Kigatilik [Tilingkoot,] , Kinematik [Blindside, Fossil, Overdrive,] , King Cobra [Ouroboros, Boomslang, Gorgon, Krait, Slither, Coil [Agent,],],
Mechanon [Head, Avar-7, Mechana, Subeda, Victrian Walker, Type I-37, Type Delta,], Menton, Doctor Phillipe Moreau,
Necrull [Necrullitician,], Baron Nihil [Storm Knights,],
Joseph Otanga,
Professor Paradigm [Avant Guard, Displacer, Tesseract,],
Shadow Destroyer [Terror, Corundum, Oubliette, Shadow, Colossus, Karkaradon Guard, Thresher, Channeler, Disciple, Corrupt One,], Shadow Queen [Dragon, Human,], Skarn the Shaper [Arthon, Torvost, Brell, Hussar,], Slug [Elder Worm,], Slun, Franklin Stone, Sunburst [Helios, Nuke, Phaze, Radium,],
Takofanes, Teleiois [Soldier,], Tezcatlipoca [Jaguar, Cultist,], Tyrannon [Tree Throne, Lesser Throne, Viceroy, Emissary, Signifier, Thulkos,]
Warlord [Warbird, Warcry, Warhead, Warmonger, Warpath, Soldier, Flying Fortress,], Doctor Yin Wu [Copper Spear, Golden Axe, Iron Whirlwind, Silver Hand,]

0.27 Character Cost
0.37 Character Density

Enemies of San Angelo – Supporting cast is strong and cosmopolitan

Most of the bad guys here have a significant associated normal that they tie into the background and possible uses, so I will count all those…they all get stats etc as well as writeups. Nicely done and a little more cosmopolitan than some it seems.

Blaze, Blight [Ebony Clarke, Frederick Mason,],
Covert, Chill [Takashi Nomura,], Chrome [Thomas Spinelli,],
Deadweight [Sheila Buckman,],
Eradicator [Patricia Fitzgerald,],
Ferret [Max Heffler], Firefly [Derrick Garwood,],
Glamour [Sasha],
Harpy [Margaret Taylor,], Haze,
Impulse [Ryan Gardner,], Inazuna [Tosabo,],
Jaunt [Christine Washam,],
Mastermind [Steve Willet,],
Professor Klein, Kaleidoscope [Barbara Sun,]
Panacea [Jennifer Matthews,], Pelegro [Miguel Perreira,], Prometheus, Phosphorus [Daniel Chen,],
Quartz [Timothy Connor,], Quick [Jay Brenner],
Ram [Kevin Rockhauer,], Reflec [Kelly Norcross], Riptide,
Seer [William Sutherton,], Salvo [Zachary Belmont,], Senora Del Oro [Wanda Seitz,], Shatter [Pietri Stanovich,], Speed Freak [Sharon Westmore,],
Dr. Talos [Charlie Regan,],
Vamp [David Roberts],

0.60 Character Density

Enemies – Short but packing in the boxes

This is the one I saw :-

Champions – Enemies Revised 1982 Enemies

26 Pages of boxes

Ankylosaur, Avar-7,
Binder, Black Mamba, Blackstar, Blowtorch,
Charger, Cobra,
Dragon Master,
Fox, Frisbee, Firewing,
Herculan, Hideous,
Leech, Lazer, Ladybug, Lightning, Lady Blue,
Minuteman MK-V, Mongoose, Mindslayer,
Panda, Plasmoid,
Raccoon, Ray,
Slick, Shamrock, Sunburst, Sledge,
Thok, Thunder,

1.35 Character Density

Alien Enemies – Solid They Come to Earth Supplement

Champions 4

This is of the ‘they come to Earth’ flavour, with organisations and an adventure. Complete with a Starjammers style group.

Aquarian Sea Beasts, Aquarians,
Cerebraeum, Champ, Case 39,
Specs [Gizmo, Slick, Bruiser, Trekkie,],
Infinite Man,
Ever-Eating Karrg,
Galactic Marauders [Star Galleon, Captain Richaal, Synthre, Chaikayan, Phinress, Doctor Zeinert, Tarchoss, Masq,],
Midnight Society [Org: Automaton Shell, Orb: AI “Computer” Brain, Arcane, Leatherwings, Gremlins,]
Orion the Hunter,
Pantheon [Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Luna, Mercury, Bacchus,]
Spores From Space,
Tyrixx [Warrior, Worker, Thinker, Warship,],
METE [Orrad, Marie Dumont, Diana Ingraham, Dr Bill Elam, Lyle Harrison, Dr Ellen Robinson, Otto Wyndham, Howard Esterhaus,]

0.80 Character Density

This is solid.

Dial S for Superhumans Good Goblynns and Bad Gerbils

and yes, you know The Gerbil can’t be a good thing!

Characters from a contest

Black Cat, — Biomechanic,
Captain Security, Challenger — Commander Cyclops,
Decibelle, — Dark Ghost,
Edgewise, Eye Robot,
Glider, Goblynn, — Gerbil,
Kid Caffeine,
Mystic Blue, — Mantra,
— Nemesis
Ochre, Omnis, — Overseer,
Private Eye (Light) — Private Eye (Dark)
— Red Rodrii,
Sun Daughter, — The Sight, Silver Jolt,
Will O’ the Wisp

This is free :-…

0.00 Character Cost
0.81 Character Density

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