The Fate Freeport Companion – Elegant

An elegant adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons flavour with an interesting setting. Taking FATE Core type Skills and using a FATE Accelerated minimal list that are the classic six D&D abilities brings this rich setting to life.

Full of evil cults and Hobgoblin bartenders for some classic low fantasy possibilities along with the pirates and sea monsters.

An explanation of how to do the various classes with archetype builds, magic guidelines and a very nice beastie and flavourful NPC section make this a book well worth the time. Enough so I have now read it twice.

As has been suggested, a fine FATE gateway for d20 fantasy players as well as a good game.

The only thing lacking perhaps…although the downloads of FATE core and Accelerated are easily had: is a quick cheat sheet style ladder/action/outcome summary guideline page or four in the back.

9 out of 10

Diaspora Skills to Fate Core Skills

Athletics – Agility, MicroG
Contacts – Bureaucracy
Crafts – Animal Handler, Computer, Demolitions, Engineering, EVA, Repair, Survival
Drive – Aircraft, Navigation, Pilot, Vehicle
Empathy – Culture/Tech
Fight – Brawling, Close Combat, Tactics
Investigate – Communications
Lore – Archaeology, Arts, Medical, Profession, Science
Notice – Alertness
Physique – Stamina
Provoke – Intimidation
Rapport – Charm, Oratory
Resources – Assets, Brokerage
Shoot – Energy Weapons, Gunnery, Slug Throwers
Stealth – Stealth
Will – Resolve

ICONS – An Interesting Game

An interesting game. Which you would expect from an experienced designer and more so an experienced superhero designer. See the Mutants and Masterminds Wild Cards books for an example.

This is what you get if you take TSR MSH Advanced game, trim it back a litle (or at least the 4CS public domain version) and add some parts of FATE.

The game mechanic is 1d6-1d6 (or 2d6-7) rather than 4dF or (4d3-8) to get a wider range of outcomes. Changing the dice result range would be a interesting genre tweak for superhero games I think.

The artwork is rather more cartoony than I like but would seem to be certainly fitting for a younger crowd, and the mechanics and writing is simple enough that it would work very nicely there, too.

Random power creation is included with the various character archetypes, so that is fun.

The FATE point and Karma pool for teams ideas are combined to be bit easier on the adding up front. The Leadership skill has a game function here.

Power levels are capped at 10 for the super mega cosmic type – or lift mountain ranges.

The strength of using a FUDGE type mechanic to replay the Universal Table is in ability opposition….a valid criticism of which is that the defense of both Daredevil and a thug as far as being punched by someone is the same. Which is great if you are a PC trying to hit someone and bad if the reverse.

Give I like FASERIP and FUDGE and FATE a lot.

So if any of those appeal, you will like this game, and could certainly hack a few bits into your preferred flavour. Suggests ‘reskinning’ the ability levels with your own favourite adjectives. Fantastic being a good and obvious one instead of Monstrous – especially given that is actually the Thing’s strength level.

Aspects for characters and teams completely fit superheroes with catchphrases, battle cries, mottos and more. So a natural. Compels also help to keep subplots and complications and disadvantages involved rather than forgotten about.

It is certainly good enough that I’ll have a look at some supplements.

Also, Cactus Man. Who actually gets used in a podcast game online!

There are print and digital versions.

4.5 out of 5

The Agency Character Creation Example with Conversion

The Agency is a roleplaying game of sixties spies and the supernatural. It has baked in Concept description and a shorter, similarish skill list with a few physical and mental skills. You just pick a couple you are particularly good at, being average at the rest. Also consequences levels and Karma points. It would make a great intro RPG for people where James Bond stylish monster hunting appealed. The Avengers meets Hammer Horror.

Want to fight mummies and vampires in The Agency? This would make a good Cryptworld organisation and setting, too, if you wanted to make it a little more complex, gaining the background flavour to go with the crunchier mechanics.

So we’ll go with something a little different:

Jim Grip

Concept : Singaporean plumber
Fashion: Suit or overalls
Mannerisms: Pretentious Scots accent
Props: Ya canna hand a man a grander spanner
Bonus: Vehicle
Flaw: Proud
Motif: Billionaire toilet fixing expert

1 Karma
3 Status

5 Technology
4 Drive

Fate Core

Jim Grip

High Concept : Singaporean plumber Agent
Trouble : Pretentious faux Scots monster basher
Aspect 1 : Ya canna hand a man a grander spanner
Aspect 2 : I really love my versatile car
Aspect 3 : Billionaire loo fixing expert

+4 Crafts
+3 Drive, Contacts
+2 Fight, Physique, Resources
+1 Athletics, Investigate, Lore, Will

PH: 3 MH: 3 Refresh: 3


+3 Careful
+1 Clever
+1 Flashy
+2 Forceful
+2 Quick
+0 Sneaky

Shadow, Sword & Spell Character Creation Example with Conversion

Shadow, Sword and Spell

A straight out humanistic Sword & Sorcery game that you can easily FATEalise. It actually has Aspects and Fate Points directly…Hooks and Action Points. Hooks and Action Points get you additions to rolls, or rerolls.

Skills are based on the Abilities with a maximum of 12, as this is the 12 Degrees System after all. You get 35 Ability Points and 45 Skill Points (cost increasing at certain levels, first three cost 1). Skill are based on an Abilty and to get them as Trained costs the Base Rank, or the Ability.

Therefore, we’ll take a Hyborian age nogoodnik, a tall, womanly bruiser.
There is also a defined culture background element, and from Shadizar the Wicked? We’ll call that Civilised and Decadent.



Background 1 : Ex-Shadizar thug
Background 2 : Duped out of everything by Davo
Background 3 : Run out of town on an ass
Previous Life : Human punching battery
Personality : Always cheerfully optimistic

Culture: Civilised (Bureaucracy, Diplomacy at Base Rank, +1 AP) and Decadent (Bureaucracy +1, Streetwise +1)


07 Brawn
04 Quickness
11 Toughness
03 Wits
10 Will

45 Vitality = (Brawn + Toughness)/2*5
30 Resolve = (Wits + Will)/2*5
50 Sanity = Will * 5
03 Initiative Base = (Quickness + Wits)/2

06 Action Points



04 Bureaucracy
11 Diplomacy

03 Athletics
10 Brawl
10 Intimidation
11 Defend

Fate Core


High Concept : Ex-Shadizar thug
Trouble : Duped out of everything by Davo
Aspect 1 : Run out of town on an ass
Aspect 2 : Human punching battery
Aspect 3 : Always cheerfully optimistic

+4 Physique
+3 Provoke, Will
+2 Contacts, Fight, Rapport
+1 Athletics, Burglary, Empathy, Lore

PH: 4 MH: 4 Refresh: 4


+1 Careful
+0 Clever
+2 Flashy
+3 Forceful
+2 Quick
+1 Sneaky

FATE – Traveller: Imperial Leader

FATE – Traveller: Imperial Leader

High Concept: Head Rebellion Suppressor
Top Ranker
Rumoured to have Volcano Incident Disfigurement

+8 Strength
+4 Dexterity
+4 Endurance
+6 Intelligence
+8 Education
+8 Social Standing

+7 Psionics
+6 Blade
+4 Jack of All Trades
+3 Pilot
+2 Leader

FATE: Classic Traveller Character Creation

Draft 1.0 – June 13, 2013 – Blue Tyson

Traveller characters are normal people in general with a thirst for adventure and wealth. If you were going to do them Fate Core pyramid style, you would certainly start lower than the usual.

However, part of the Traveller fun is the oddball lethal character creation system. Fatalised random character generation thefore follows

There are six basic Traveller attributes. Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education and Social Standing.

Each of these start at Good (+1). See the end for The Ladder used here.

As an example, we will create a character named Lyta. Six FATE Dice rolls gives :
+ – – – , – 0 + – , + + – – , 0 + 0 – , + – + + , + 0 0 – or -2, -1, 0, 0, +2, 0

This now gives Lyta

-1 Strength
0 Dexterity
+1 Endurance
+1 Intelligence
+3 Education
+1 Social Standing

…see document for rest

FATE Classic Traveller Character Creation

FATE Classic AD&D Character Creation

FATE Classic AD&D Character Creation

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, old school 1st Edition style. I only ever played 2nd edition very very briefly. Also you can get OSRIC here for those like me that don’t have the original books anymore.

The basic skills are:


They begin at +1. See the end of this section for the ladder. For each, roll 8dF. That is 4dF twice, added together. Add the result to +1 to get your skill rank.

Five Mandatory Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, Race, Class and Alignment


Resources -2
Level +1

See document link for more :-

FATE Classic AD&D Character Creation

FATE Classic Call of Cthulhu Character Creation

FATE Classic Call of Cthulhu Character Creation

Call of Cthulhu, Basic Roleplaying :- The free GORE rules you can get here: or here :-

To begin :-



They begin at +1, except for Sanity, which beings at the same level as Power. See the end of this section for the ladder.

For each of STR, CON, POW, DEX, APP, RES roll 8dF. That is 4dF twice, added together.

For each of SIZ, INT and EDU roll 8dF and add 3.

Your beginning Sanity is equal to your POW.

See document for rest :-

FATE Classic Call of Cthulhu

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