The Fate Freeport Companion – Elegant

An elegant adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons flavour with an interesting setting. Taking FATE Core type Skills and using a FATE Accelerated minimal list that are the classic six D&D abilities brings this rich setting to life.

Full of evil cults and Hobgoblin bartenders for some classic low fantasy possibilities along with the pirates and sea monsters.

An explanation of how to do the various classes with archetype builds, magic guidelines and a very nice beastie and flavourful NPC section make this a book well worth the time. Enough so I have now read it twice.

As has been suggested, a fine FATE gateway for d20 fantasy players as well as a good game.

The only thing lacking perhaps…although the downloads of FATE core and Accelerated are easily had: is a quick cheat sheet style ladder/action/outcome summary guideline page or four in the back.

9 out of 10

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