The Agency Character Creation Example with Conversion

The Agency is a roleplaying game of sixties spies and the supernatural. It has baked in Concept description and a shorter, similarish skill list with a few physical and mental skills. You just pick a couple you are particularly good at, being average at the rest. Also consequences levels and Karma points. It would make a great intro RPG for people where James Bond stylish monster hunting appealed. The Avengers meets Hammer Horror.

Want to fight mummies and vampires in The Agency? This would make a good Cryptworld organisation and setting, too, if you wanted to make it a little more complex, gaining the background flavour to go with the crunchier mechanics.

So we’ll go with something a little different:

Jim Grip

Concept : Singaporean plumber
Fashion: Suit or overalls
Mannerisms: Pretentious Scots accent
Props: Ya canna hand a man a grander spanner
Bonus: Vehicle
Flaw: Proud
Motif: Billionaire toilet fixing expert

1 Karma
3 Status

5 Technology
4 Drive

Fate Core

Jim Grip

High Concept : Singaporean plumber Agent
Trouble : Pretentious faux Scots monster basher
Aspect 1 : Ya canna hand a man a grander spanner
Aspect 2 : I really love my versatile car
Aspect 3 : Billionaire loo fixing expert

+4 Crafts
+3 Drive, Contacts
+2 Fight, Physique, Resources
+1 Athletics, Investigate, Lore, Will

PH: 3 MH: 3 Refresh: 3


+3 Careful
+1 Clever
+1 Flashy
+2 Forceful
+2 Quick
+0 Sneaky

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