White Picket Witches

A New England USA island setting with five supernatural families and one defunct. Which means they still might be supernatural. Emphasis on playing the conflict as per tv soap opera drama, with explicit rules for Face Offs that could be conflict from basketball to teary accusations to drowning. Required some clever media analysis to come up with this.

Also deserving of taking this and making a more meta supplement for applying this to any particular setting, the various drama/tension/places of power type mechanics so that you can Soapy Drama up whatever you like.

Similarly for horror which obviously this rather more Practical Magic style urban fantasy has elements of. FATE Core could use a horror toolbox like the crime one and like this could one could . So a couple of possible spinoffs.

A really very interesting expansion, showing again that the people putting together FATE Core have an eye for the interesting and different in the broad range they have come up with here for inclusion.

4.5 out of 5

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