Shadow, Sword & Spell Character Creation Example with Conversion

Shadow, Sword and Spell

A straight out humanistic Sword & Sorcery game that you can easily FATEalise. It actually has Aspects and Fate Points directly…Hooks and Action Points. Hooks and Action Points get you additions to rolls, or rerolls.

Skills are based on the Abilities with a maximum of 12, as this is the 12 Degrees System after all. You get 35 Ability Points and 45 Skill Points (cost increasing at certain levels, first three cost 1). Skill are based on an Abilty and to get them as Trained costs the Base Rank, or the Ability.

Therefore, we’ll take a Hyborian age nogoodnik, a tall, womanly bruiser.
There is also a defined culture background element, and from Shadizar the Wicked? We’ll call that Civilised and Decadent.



Background 1 : Ex-Shadizar thug
Background 2 : Duped out of everything by Davo
Background 3 : Run out of town on an ass
Previous Life : Human punching battery
Personality : Always cheerfully optimistic

Culture: Civilised (Bureaucracy, Diplomacy at Base Rank, +1 AP) and Decadent (Bureaucracy +1, Streetwise +1)


07 Brawn
04 Quickness
11 Toughness
03 Wits
10 Will

45 Vitality = (Brawn + Toughness)/2*5
30 Resolve = (Wits + Will)/2*5
50 Sanity = Will * 5
03 Initiative Base = (Quickness + Wits)/2

06 Action Points



04 Bureaucracy
11 Diplomacy

03 Athletics
10 Brawl
10 Intimidation
11 Defend

Fate Core


High Concept : Ex-Shadizar thug
Trouble : Duped out of everything by Davo
Aspect 1 : Run out of town on an ass
Aspect 2 : Human punching battery
Aspect 3 : Always cheerfully optimistic

+4 Physique
+3 Provoke, Will
+2 Contacts, Fight, Rapport
+1 Athletics, Burglary, Empathy, Lore

PH: 4 MH: 4 Refresh: 4


+1 Careful
+0 Clever
+2 Flashy
+3 Forceful
+2 Quick
+1 Sneaky

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