F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Rm     Rm     Rm     Am     Rm     Ex     Ex
30     30     30     50     30     20     20
Health:140     Karma:70
Resources:Gd    Pop:5

Known Powers:
Spartan is a cyborg, which is the source of the various
abilities he posseses:
-Flight: Rm
-Body Armor: Gd
-Immunity to psychic attacks (CL1000)
-Energy Blasts: Am, Spartan can increase damage to Mn by
 making a successful End. FEAT. If the End. FEAT is failed
 he suffers 50 damage.
-Force Field: Spartan can create force fields/shields of Am
-Self-Healing: Spartan is not affected by kill results and can
 function normally at -1CS when below 0 health although he
 must make an End FEAT to do so. If sufficient energy is
 available he can heal up to 30 damage per round but he
 cannot do anything else. This ability is negated if more
 than half his body is destroyed.
-Immortality: Spartan's memories can be downloaded into new
 bodies so he is effectively immortal. This power will not work
 if no new bodies are available.

Talents: Leadership, Pilot, Engineering, Electronics


F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Am     Rm     Ex     In     Gd     Rm     In
50     30     20     40     10     30     40
Health:140     Karma:80
Resources:Gd    Pop:0

Known Powers:
Zealot is a former member of the Coda, an ancient society of
female warriors/assasins. She was the Majestrix (leader) but
turned her back on the merciless ways of the Coda. She is 
also a member of the Kherubim, a race that crashed on earth
many centuries ago.
-Latent psychic abilities: As many Kherubim, Zealot has powerful
 latent psionic abilities that can be accessed in extremely rare and
 stressfull occasions. If in a losing battle with no means of escape
 Zealot may make a Red Psyche FEAT. If successfull she gains the
 following powers for 2-20 rounds after which she will be K.O. for as
 many rounds:
  -Psychic Blast: Am
  -Telekinetics: Am 
  -Telepathy: Am
  -F, A, S and E are increased by 1CS with appropriate change in Health.
  -Other powers may surface at Judge's discretion.
 These powers may also be activated by persons with the psionic talent
 to unlock these powers.
-Coda Training: If fighting alongside other people with coda training
 her Fighting and Agility are increased by 1CS for every 2 persons
 present with Coda Training. Her health is not increased. 
-Swords: Zealot fights with 2 sword of In material strength and Ex 
 edged damage. Her number of attacks are doubled.
-Coda Blades: Zealot also has access to a Coda Blade of In
 material strength which inflicts Rm edged damage.
-Knives: throwing knives for Gd edged damage

Talents: Martial Arts A, B, D, E, Thrown Weapons, Acrobatics,
 Sharp Weapons, Weapons Master, Weapon Specialist: Sword, Coda Blade,
 Stalk&Hide, Bike


Cole Cash

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Ex     In     Ex     Rm     Ex     Rm     Ex
20     40     20     30     20     30     20
Health:110     Karma:70
Resources:Gd     Pop:5

Known Powers:
Grifter is the only male ever that was trained in the Coda ways. he
was trained by Zealot.
-Latent Psychic abilities: Grifter also has the potential for great
 psionic powers. He is a Gen-Active character whose abilities
 have not yet surfaced. As with Zealot they may surface on extremely
 rare occasions. The same rules apply as with Zealot.
-Coda Training: same as Zealot.
Equipment: Although skilled in the Coda ways, Grifter has develloped
 his marksman skills more.
-VAD PP30s: Grifter personal handgun, Grifter always carries two but
 he had access to more. He can shoot with both his hands in a round.
 He has an additional +1CS with the VAD PP30s and inflicts 20 damage
 and armor is reduced by 2 ranks.
-VAD Hypercannon: A heavier weapon Grifter sometimes carries one, he
 also gets the +1CS and inflicts 40 damage, armor is reduced by 3 ranks.
-Hold-out pistol: Grifter has several concealed guns on his person, they
 enable 1 additional shooting attack when in close combat for 15 damage.

Talents: Martial Arts A, B, E, acrobatics, mechanics, Marksman, Sharp
 Weapons, Guns, Weapon Specialist: VAD guns. 


Jacob Marlowe

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Ty     Gd     Gd     In     Rm     Ex     Am
6      10     10     40     30     20     50
Health:66     Karma:100
Resources:Rm     Pop:5

Known Powers:
Lord Emp is one of the Lord Kherubim, a pure blood, 1st generation
Kherubim although he only became aware of this recently. His
powers still lie dormant but may be accessed by persons with the
knowledge how to do so. When activated Emp would have a wide
range of energy controling and generating powers at Un rank.

Talents: Bussiness, Finance


Rebo Bryce

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
In     Rm     Rm     In     Rm     In     Rm
40     30     30     40     30     40     30
Health:140     Karma:100
Resources:Gd     Pop:5

Known Powers:
Warblade is a Cross-Breed between a human and a Kherubim, this
gave him the following powers:
-Claws: Rm edged damage
-Elongation: Warblade can extend his claws up to 1 area and he can
 also elongate other parts of his body up to 8 feet.
  -Body Armor: -3CS damage from blunt attacks, Gd vs. other attacks
  -Limited shapechange: conceal features with Ex ability.
-Rage: Warblades Reason and Intuition drop to Fe (although not his
 initiative bonusses) and his F and S increase by +2CS. His claw
 damage is increased to 50. He is also immune to stun and slam
-Regeneration: Rm, 3 per round             

Talents: Engineering, Mechanics, Martial Arts C, E, Detective/Espionage,


Adrianna Tereshkova

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Gd     Ex     Ty     Un     Rm     Mn     Un
10     20     6      100    30     75     100
Health:136     Karma:205
Resources:Ex     Pop:5

Known Powers:
Adrianna Tereshkova was a russian astronaut aboard a space station that
was struck by something from space. The space station crashed to earth
and everybody inside was killed except Adrianna, she was merged with
something called the Orb which had struck the space station. This merge
gave her incredible powers but also gave her great responsibility because
she now knows thing that are about to happen.
-Energy Control: Mn
-Energy Generation/Blasts: Mn
-Force Shields: Mn
-Telepathy: In
-Mental Probe: Am
-Body Armor: Rm
-Teleportation: Un, up to 10 characters may be transported.
-Flight: In
-Precognition: Am, although most of the time not controlled.

Talents: Space Pilot, Engineering


Priscilla Kitaen

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Gd     Ex     Pr     Ex     Gd     Gd     Am
10     20     4      20     10     10     50
Health:54      Karma:70
Resources:Gd     Pop:10

Known Powers:
Voodoo is also a cross-breed with the important power of the Sight.
She is now being trained by Zealot in Coda fighting style.
-the Sight: Voodoo can see persons as they really are with
 Am ability, this works automatically against Deamonites, the ancient
 enemies of the Kherubim that require host bodies to exist on the planet.
-Depossession: Voodoo can force a Deamonite from a host with
 Mn ability, against the targets End. This taked 1 full round to complete.
 She can also break other possesions with In ability.
-Telepathy: Ex
-Emotion Control: Am, Voodoo can instill calm in other persons most notably
-Animalism: Voodoo can assume animal features such as claws, fangs and
 enhanced senses with In ability. She will act ferocious as she somehow
 gains some of the animals instincts. She can increase her Fighting and her
 Strenght by 2CS in this manner and gain claws and fangs that do up to
 Rm edged damage. Senses will be at Rm rank.

Talents: Dancing, Martial Arts B, E


Jeremy Stone

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Ty     Ty     Pr     Gd     In     Gd     Gd
6      6       4      10     40     10     10
Health:26     Karma:60
Resources:Ex     Pop:5

Known Powers:
Maul is a cross-breed who can change into a giant-size
superpowered being with the following stats and powers:

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Rm     Gd     Mn     Un     Rm     Ty     Gd
30     10     75     100    30     6     10

Growth: Maul has Sh-Z growth (this base form already has
 In growth always in effect.) 
 Maul can substitute his growth rank for strength but for
 each rank of growth beyond In his reason will drop by 1CS.
 When he has reached Pr reason he cannot control himself
 anymore and will attack anyone in the area. Only someone
 with psionic powers can calm him down again.
Body Armor: In

Talents: Engineering, Mechanics, Computer, Genetics (all lost
 when beyond Am growth.)


Lord Majestros

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Mn     Ex     Un     Un     Ex     Rm     Am
75     20     100    100    20     30     50
Health:295     Karma:100
Resources:Gd     Pop:0

Known Powers:
Majestic is, as his name suggest, a lord Kherubim with the following
-Flight: Mn
-Body Armor: Am
-Energy Blasts: Un
-Psi-Screen: Mn
-Limited Telepathy: Ex

Talents: Martial Arts B


F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Rm     Rm     Ex     Rm     Rm     Rm     In
30     30     20     30     30     30     40
Health:110     Karma:100
Resources:Ex     Pop:0

Known Powers:
Zealot's little sister, Savant is also a Kherubim.
Extra Strength: Savants strength is considered Rm
 for damage purposes.
-Magical Satchel: Savant has a magical bag from whitch
 she can call forth items that can duplicate every power
 in the power list at In power rank. She must make a 
 Yellow Psyche FEAT to get the desired items, this
 takes 1 round. She can have no more than 3 items
 removed from the bag at the same time. Sometimes
 the bag holds items of greater power but that would 
 be known by her because she herself would have put
 the item in and so the items won't count against the 3
 item limit. The bag can hold an unlimited amount of
 other items also.

Talents: Occult Lore, Sharp Weapons, Martial Arts A, C, E,
 tumbling, acrobatics


F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Ex     Ex     Rm     Rm     Am     Ex     Ex
20     20     30     30     50     20     20
Health:100     Karma:90
Resources:Gd     Pop:0

Known Powers:
Tao is a genetic construct with the following powers:
-Eye Beams: Rm damage
-Enhanced attack: If Tao doesn't attack for 1 round he
 can increase his damage to Mn (eye beams or slugfest) the
 next round. This attack is also always considered a stun effect.  

Talents: Engineering, Genetics

Condition Red

Max Cash

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Ex     Rm     Gd     Ex     Gd     Ex     Gd
20     30     10     20     10     20     10
Health:80      Karma:40
Resources:Gd    Pop:0

Guns: 20 damage, -1 rank armor

Talents: Marksmanship, Detective/Espionage, Guns


Maxine Manchester

F      A      S      E      R      I      P
Rm     Ex     Rm     Rm     Gd     Ex     Gd
30     20     30     30     10     20     10
Health:110     Karma:40
Resources:Gd    Pop:0

Known Powers:
Ladytron is a cyborg with the following abilities:
-Attached machinegun: In damage at +1CS
-Electric Shock: In electrical damage
-Body Armor:Ex
-Rage: increase F and S by 1 rank but decrease R and P to Pr.
Weakness: If het cybernetics are somehow disabled her F, A, S
and E drop -3CS and she loses her powers.

Talents: Guns, martial arts A, B, E

Gaming Nerds R Us FASERIP Downloads

Gamng Nerds r Us Downloads – Wildstorm, DC, Polyhedron etc

In the Wildstorm book it has random generation for characters from that universe, so you could be a Kheran or a Black Razor agent etc.

Including :-

Original Works
Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)
The Ultimate Origins Book, Version 2

The Ultimate Origins Book, volume 3: Golden Age and More

The Ultimate Origins Book, supplement 1: DC Origins

The Ultimate Origins Book Supplement 2: Wildstorm Origins (as mentioned previously – I am a big Wildstorm fan).

The Ultimate Talents Book, version 3.1

Sexcetera: the Extended Director’s Cut!

Sexcetera encore: Rideau Appel!

Compilations of Others’ Works
Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game (MSH RPG)
The Almost Complete Polyhedron Newszine Collection

The Fate of Stormwatch: Team Achilles

Stormwatch: Team Achilles

Wildstorm was one of my favourite things.

The Fate of Stormwatch: Team Achilles

Benito Santini

High Concept: Charming, manipulative and ruthless leader
Trouble: I have an artificial knee
Aspect 1: Sure, there might be a racist Senator in my Basement
Aspect 2: I had a plan for that
Aspect 3: Yes, you are expendable


F: Remarkable +3
A: Good +1
S: Good +1
E: Remarkable +3
R: Excellent +2
I: Remarkable +3
P: Excellent +2

Res: Remarkable [+3]
Pop: Excellent [+2]

PH: 1 2 3
MH: 1 2 3
Co: 2 4 6
K : 3

Skill Specialisations

+4 Contacts, Fighting [Martial Arts B, C, E], Notice [Investigate]
+3 Reason [Espionage, Law Enforcement, Military]
+2 Agility [Marksman]
Martial Arts A, D


Project Entry

An horrific other planet experiment in extermination by a psycopathic superman is also a handy as a vomit inducing teleport facility to get his team where they need to go.


+5 Deceive
+4 Contacts, Notice
+3 Fight, Resources, Investigate
+2 Physique, Shoot, Will, Provoke
+1 Athletics, Burglary, Drive, Rapport, Stelath


+2 to use knowledge of international law and related for political advantage
+2 to tactically leading a team taking down SPBs


+1 Careful
+2 Clever
+1 Flashy
+2 Forceful
+2 Quick
+3 Sneaky

Weapon: 0

While writing FATERIP this was my idea as a possible option to use. If someone is employing a ‘garden variety’ weapon. Cheap handgun where those are commonly available, knife, blackjack, club, knuckledusters, rock etc then there is no damage bonus.

If using something out of the ordinary, like a large sword, machine gun, sniper rifle, battleaxe, electricity pole etc. then calls those Weapon: 1. Prepared intent to be nasty, if you like, as opposed to stumble into a brawl.

Physique, Fight, Will = Forceful
Stealth, Burglary, Deceive = Sneaky
Empathy, Resources, Crafts = Careful
Rapport, Provoke, Drive = Flashy
Lore, Investigate, Notice = Clever
Contacts, Athletics, Shoot = Quick


Frederick Ngebe Braumholstein

Avi Barak
Luis Cisco

Blake Coleman
Buzz Dixon
Galena Golovin

Jukko Hämäläinen

Trouble: A lot of dead Finns

Marie Grunier
Charles Pickney
Ajeet Singh
Khalid Tefibi

Jaeger Weiss

Trouble: Not In the Face

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