ICONS Hero Pack 1

Hero Pack 1

$10.00 – http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/87767/ICONS-Hero-Pack-…

This is a good one, done in the Hauser ICONS style…complete with Saguaro and friends at the end. A bunch of characters other people made up…with some standup cutouts included to print out, which is a nice addition. Lots of characters of different variety. Not really differentiated into Good vs Evil directly, only artistically.

Archer, Adamant Levinbolt, All-Star, All American Girl, Alchemist, Atomic Roach,
Bodhivajra, Black Box, Bombardier Beetle, Blacklight, Bramble, Blue Blaze, Ballerophon, Bubba Watley, Big Ben, Bilius Vert, Blakatoa, Blue Marble, Billy Powers,
Crashman, Captain Liberty, Centurion, Catalyst, Cougar, Calamity, Camazotz, Cloud, Collider, Conquistador, Crimson Circlet, Crude,
D’Bat-Set, Diamondstrike, Doc Pliable, Doc Ignus, Dr Axiom, Dark Impetus, Dr Barracuda, Dr Sinisterfield, Desert Storm, Dr Adharma,
Fire-Ant Man, Frostwitch, Fulcrum, Ferd Watley,
Green Knight, General Entropy, Gravedigger, Gauntlet, Galacticron, Grey, Graykallen,
Hellbrand, Hangman,
In43ction, iRon,
Jester, Jack of the Lantern,
Kinetic, Kali,
Lady Bug, LeTraceur, Landshark, Lady Omega, Landspatrioten, Lulabelle Watley,
Mazen Wilder, Mantis-Man, Monkey’s Paw, Magic Gecko, Mentuhotep, Mephiston, Miss Tikal, Mighty Saguaro,
Nocturnal Squirrel, Nighthawk, New King in Yellow, Nightstrike, Nightgaunt, Necromancer,
Omegutan, Old Man Watley,
Phoenix, Phoenix Knight,
rONIn, Red Mountain, Rex Radium, Revenant, Rex Monday,
Speed Demon, Saurian, Spider-Fridge, Scorched Irv, Sparke, Swami, Silvermoth, Sparky the Dharma Dog, Shock Value, Skromtet,
Tinman, Tempus Fugit, Tiger Tom, Talisman, Technologist, Tinman, Trigger Mortis,
Ultraviolet, Utburden,
Vengeance, Volcano,
Whiteout, Weaver, White Witch, Whisper,
Zeppelin, Zeno Faraday, Zen Tao, Zeitgeist,

0.08 Character Cost
1.33 Character Density

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