Mook Rule

Mook Rule

A thought just struck me, while considering the street level heroes.

Let a superhero fight as many ordinary people at once as the number of ranks of Fighting above Poor they have. So 5 for Daredevil, 6 for Captain America etc., assuming they are all adjacent enough.

To make that harder or more appropriate to fighter-heroes, a bonus part of Martial Arts.

So Daredevil could roll to hit 5 thugs that had piled on at once and punch/kick/elbow or whatever all 5 of them at once on a green.

Superhero Roleplaying Game List

I did this a few years ago, but thought I would post it and do some updates.

Draft 6.4 May 4, 2018 – Blue Tyson

* means I have never seen it

discussion thread :-

*3D&T [Brazil]
Adventure! – Pulp
*Big Bang Comics
*Big Eyes, Small Mouth? (anime)
*Bif! Bam! Pow!
*Blood and Vigilance
*Brains and Brawn
Brave New World
Bulletproof Blues –
*Capes Cowls and Villains Foul
*Captain Superguy Must Die!
*Cartoon Action Hour
Champions (1-7)
*–Champions: The New Millenium
*City of Mist
*Codename: Spandex –
Cold Steel Wardens
*Comic Book Super Heroes (1-2)
*Cosmic Enforcers
d6 Powers
Daring Comics Adventures
DC Heroes (1-3) [Mayfair]
–The Batman Roleplaying Game
–The Blood of Heroes
DC Universe Roleplaying Game (d6)
Deeds Not Words
–Bold Crimes, Black Hearts
*Double Cross
Feng Shui
*The Foundation: A World in Black and White
FUDGE Supers
Golden Heroes
–Squadron UK
GURPS Supers (1-4?)
Hearts and Souls
*Hero Force
*Heroes & Heroines
*Heroes Finish Last – Space Gamer?
*Heroes Forever
Heroes Unlimited [1-2]
–Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
–After the Bomb
Heroes Wear Masks
Hideouts and Hoodlums
–Assembled Edition
—Masks (retroclone)
*Infinite Power
*Inou Tsukai [Japan]
*Invulnerable (1-2, Kickstarter, 2nd Edition not out yet)
Justice, Inc – Pulp
Kapow! –!?
The Kerberos Club
*Legione [France]
Marvel Super Heroes Basic (TSR) –
–Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set (TSR) –
–4 Colour System (4CS) –
–Marvelous Superheroes (FUDGE) –
Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game (SAGA)
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (Cortex)
Mighty Six
*Mutants & Marvels
Mutants & Masterminds (1-3) –
–DC Adventures
Mutant City Blues
Mystery Men –
*Nemesis: A Perfect World
*One Dice Supers
Prowlers and Paragons
Savage World Supers
–Necessary Evil
Savage World Supers
Sentinel Comics
Silver Age Sentinels
–The Authority
Spirit of the Century –
Stuper Powers! [1-2]
*Supercrew [Sweden]
*Superheroes, Inc [Spain]
Super Squadron
*Supergame – 1980
Superhero 2044
*Supers, Inc!
Thrilling Tales
*Tragic Superheroes
Truth & Justice
Two-Fisted Tales
Valiant Universe
*Venture City Stories
The Vigilante Hack
Villains and Vigilantes (1-2)
–Living Legends
–Mighty Protectors
*Wearing the Cape
Wild Talents (1-2)
Worlds in Peril

Other Suggested


See all the way to the right for navigation – and dropdown has core rules….way to right of that has forward and back pagination. Plenty of works in progress, drafts, etc.


One of the problems with FASERIP as great a system as it is, is the lack of opposition to attacks. This can mean that enough average guys and girls with guns or fists can turn your street level hero into an unconscious bleeding mess. This is not particularly comics emulation appropriate, so here are some varying suggestions.

  1. Any no-name designated a mook needs better than a Yellow Result to strike a hero. They can’t do better than a basic result.
  2. Any no-name designated a mook needs a Red Result to strike a hero if they are two ranks or more lower. For example, a Typical Fighting thug trying to punch VanDemon who has Incredible Fighting. Or the same Typical Agility thug trying to shoot Redback, who has Remarkable Coordination.
  3. Give a hero a Column Shift in their benefit any time they are facing mooks.
  4. Give a hero a Colour shift in their benefit any time they are facing mooks.
  5. One hit, one mook down. Or group of, with appropriate results, as long as the hero is only trying to take them out, not kill them. This also speeds up low-rent fights cinematically.

Champions Speed Conversions

Came across this on facebook yesterday, a javascript calculator for going from MPH to inches per turn.

FASERIP – Making It Random

If you’d like some variety in character ability scores, roll on this table for each rank needed :

FASERIP – Crime Does Not Pay

Villains and NPCs and mooks are not the stars, so a suggestion is to adjust the rank numbers when creating them to be inferior. This gives some numeric variety, too.

Feeble (1)
Poor (3)
Typical (5)
Good (8)
Excellent (18)
Remarkable (28)
Incredible (38)
Amazing (45)
Monstrous (70)
Unearthly (90)

For normal people and mooks you could take that further and actually go the minimum starting route:

Feeble (1)
Poor (3)
Typical (5)
Good (8)
Excellent (16)
Remarkable (26)
Incredible (36)
Amazing (46)
Monstrous (63)
Unearthly (88)

FASERIP – Rank Numbers and Character Creation – Advanced

Rank Numbers and Character Creation

One way character creation is done in 4CS and predecessors is to assign the lowest of the numeric range to starting characters. Here’s an option:

The game should be about the characters, so have them start on par with their predecessors with regards to abilities and powers.

So that you have:

Feeble (2)
Poor (4)
Typical (6)
Good (10)
Excellent (20)
Remarkable (30)
Incredible (40)
Amazing (50)
Monstrous (75)
Unearthly (100)

for starting characters, to put them on par with Shellheads and Women Without Fear.

Superhero Random Encounter Generator

Sample resultI have finally got a beta version of the Superhero Random Encounter Generator :-

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