The Lost Valley of Bones

“A Lost Valley: The perfect hideout in the Victorian bush, but full of bones.

“Yet here was wattle as far as the eye could reach. It looked as if a generous scientist, like the man in H. G. Wells’ “Food of the Gods,” had let loose some power capable of forcing on this abnormal growth. The valley itself was in an undulating sea of vegetation. Had it been early in September the place would have been a vast expanse of golden glory, but as it was late March the dominant color note was that of grey-green. Under the circumstances it was as clear as daylight how the elder man had missed the place. It was buried under the rank growth, and all definable features, as we learnt later—everything that could be used as a leading mark—had disappeared or been swamped by the wattles. The bushes were not so thick about the lower entrance to the funnel as to impede Cumshaw’s movements, and so he began to look about him in the hope of locating the one thing that would definitely identify the place. The horses had been shot close to the wall of rock, and it was a practical certainty that some trace of their bodies would be found in the vicinity. Ten minutes’ close search brought to light a pile of bones that might or might not be those of the missing animals”

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