Hulk vs The Thing and Shang Chi – Marvel Two-In-One Combat Example

Marvel Two In-One

PCS: The Thing and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu

GM: The Hulk looks mad. In fact, he just tossed that completely and utterly spotlessly clean SUV over that small building. What do you do?

The Thing: (winceing) I’ll get in his way.

GM grins, totally likely additional property damage. “Rocky Man get out of Hulks’s way”

The Thing: “Aunt Petunia’s nephew ain’t movin’ even if you breathe on me, ugly.”

GM: “Hulk smash funny looking rocky man.” Rolls and gets a -1 with his Remarkable +3 Fighting.

The Thing: “That the best you can do tough guy?” rolls a -1 as well, but has Incredible +4 fighting and some Martial Arts training, so fends off the blow. “Let me show you how they do it on Yancy Street.” Rolls a +0 for fighting. The Rampaging Hulk again swings wildly with a -1. The Thing is one rank better and adding +1 for Martial arts, this is a +3 or Success with Style. “Say goodbye, Junior.”

The Hulk has Monstrous +6 Body Armour but the Thing’s strength is Monstrous +6 so good enough in this case to send the not so Jolly Green Giant flying through the next building and away from fleeing bystanders. Both sides of the building give in as +6 Body Armour is way more than the +3 of usual building concrete. [A roll mechanic would be Endurance etc. vs the +6 strength of the Thing to get from not bothered to through multiple zones(buildings) if a bad result.]

Shang-Chi bows. “Most excellently if expensively done, Mister Grimm. I believe it is my turn next, upon his return.”

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