Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Character Creation Example

Clement Hal


A Mesklinite with a nom de plume, Clement Hal discovered a Door much to his scientific surprise. Alwys curious and intrigued he decided to take a look. Used to the crushing weight of 700 gravities at times he has found that other worlds while strange and scary and full of fantasy are not taxing in the slightest. And everybody generally seems to like him.

An optimistic explorer in search of education.

01 Psyche
02 Strength
51 Endurance
03 Warfare


11 Good


Spaceship – The Lackland

4 Search Through Worlds
4 Able to Speak and Reason
4 Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons
4 Engine Speed
4 Deadly Damage
1 Combat Training
1 Psychic Resistance


10 Warden of the Grand Stair

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