Traveller: Heroic Adventurer

FATE – Traveller: Heroic Adventurer

High Concept: Heroic Adventurer
Arrogant and Confident

+6 Strength [on adopted homewold]
+6 Dexterity [on adopted homewold]
+6 Endurance [on adopted homewold]
+1 Intelligence
+2 Education
+7 Social Standing [on adopted homeworld]

+6 Sword, Blade, Dagger
+5 Leader
+4 Air/Raft
+3 Tactics
+2 Gunnery, Guns [19th Century]


Telepathy [Haphazard]
Teleporation [Interplanetary but not under conscious control]

From one of the easter eggs in the Traveller characters list – John Carter of Mars

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