Omnis Mundi – Tasmania

FATE : Omnus Mundi – Tasmania

Draft 1.0 – October 3, 2013 – Blue Tyson


A shining beacon of technological might and communications superiority. All alone in a prehistoric megafauna wonderland.

How did this isolated Australian state remain so advanced?

The legends say it was through the efforts and leadership of one man:


The stories conflict. A run of the mill citizen taking advantage of an opportunity. A crazed drunken madmen adherent of an ancient code of athletic competition. A teacher. A renegade Sword Saint. A racing driver.

Whatever the background, the reality is this: a grizzled cyborg, more machine than man. A tattooed brown half-face with one jewelled optic piece in place of an eye. Some believe he was alive in the Time Before and wants to keep Tasmania as close to a Golden Land as he can.

While not official policy, the disappearance or death of those pushing religious propaganda or authoritarian lines are extremely unlikely to be noticed, let alone investigated. The Sword Saint mortality rate is higher here than anywhere else in the world, it is said.


Tasmanian Technological Leader
Likes beer too much, walking not enough
I Have the Best Internet In the World
Mysterious Origin
Possibly Insane

+6 Crafts
+5 Lore, Rapport, Resources
+4 Drive, Contacts,Notice, Deceive
+3 Empathy, Investigate, Shoot, Will, Provoke
+2 Fight, Physique, Stealth
+1 Athletics, Burglary

Refresh 6


Cyborg Body gives +2 to protection from physical attack.
Walking ISP gives +2 to technological communication attempts in his zone.
Leadership gives +2 to influencing Tasmanians to his viewpoint.
NetSense allows viewing of the electromagnetic specturm and dataflows.


Thylacine Guard Trio

KnightMark is generally accompanied by his protectors and friends, three megafauna extremely intelligent Tasmanian Tigers. While he may not be an overwhelming physical specimen, Buddi, Ruffy and Syril most definitely are. Buddi is an all rounder, Ruffy is a strong, hulking brute and Syril lean and very fast. Massive Trouble, Damage and Speed, if you like.


+5 Careful
+4 Flashy
+4 Clever
+3 Quick
+2 Forceful
+2 Sneaky

Northern Tasmania

The area around Burnie is evolving into an almost-Metropolis. In fact, a nascent spaceport exists just outside Devonport, guarded by a force of giant DiprotoMecha. The town of what in ancient history was Elliott is now a giant server farm.

Cradle Mountain is generally off limits, home to the Yowie. This species of hairy giant mountain man takes a dim view of tourists. Except perhaps with tomato sauce added. And Lake St Clair most definitely has monsters within.

Southern Tasmania

The ruins of Hobart are home to several tribes of Wallaby Men and other intelligent marsupial species. Further out from there the bush becomes more and more prehistoric.

One notable predator may be found in the Tasmanian bush. The fearsome drop bear. While generally happily omnivorous, surviving on the local eucalpyts and smaller wildlife, the presence of foreigners inspires a lethal bloodlust. The Wallaby Men don’t bad an eyelid, as these giant furry bundles of Death From Above only attack anything that doesn’t have a significant portion of Australian DNA. In fact, the local tribes and the not unintelligent beasts often warned of in guidebooks as Drop Bears may even have a mutually beneficial working arrangement. Massive Athletics and Damage from claws. Great climbing ability and +2 on attacking and surprising those without sufficient Australian DNA.

Find any ancient palaeontogical tome about the Great Southern Land. Assume it was extremely correct if you value your life exploring the Tasmanian wilderness.

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