FASERIP Traveller

FASERIP – Traveller – anyone ever done that?

I’ve been considering the Guardians of the Galaxy, given a recent writeup and arrival.

I have been considering a rough rule of thumb for the purpose of the exercise…15 or F is Remarkable…and perhaps some sort of exponential scale from there, so Incredible is G, Amazing is H, etc. No combat details or anything worked out there.

Perhaps Jack of All Trades is your Typical skill level and 1 is Good, that sort of thing.

So the Excellent Agility Star-Lord might have Pistol 3 and the Marksman Rocket Raccoon with Remarkable Agility might have Rifle 5…that sort of thing.

Powers would have Skill Levels perhaps and ones that blast etc. damage extrapolated from equating the Traveller ones and the MSH weapons that are similar. Remarkable is 5D or that sort of thing. In MSH terms an Unearthly space cannon would not quite splat an all-15 or Remarkable character…so that could be in the 10-12D ballpark.

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