Vampire kangaroo

Vampire kangaroo

Now kangaroos can be twilight creatures, coming out when it is cooler, but when you get close enough to see the red eyes – it is too late!

Basically, a vampire that can jump as fast as your standard fanger can fly.



One of the strange monsters haunting the Mokuy skies. Likes the high places, but anywhere with bones to snack on.

Something like skeleton stats and eagle flight. Turn as skeletons.

AC,7,MV,12, Fl 30,HD,1-1,Thac0,20,3,NA,DM,1d4/1d4/1d4,SA,Special,SD,Special,SZ,M (4-6'),ML,,XP,100

1/2 damage from piercing weapons, etc.

Deadly Venom – and the odd scorpion

Need to add some of the spiders to Mokuy

Scorpions :

The Burrunjor

Or, Mokuy gets dinosaurs

“Giant lizard, small dinosaur or feathered reptile?

There have been conflicting descriptions of this giant reptilian Indigenous cryptid, but documented sightings from the 1950s to the late 1980s describe the creature as walking on two legs – akin to a 20th-century tyrannosaurus rex.”


So of course if it could be seen in 1950, it could be seen in 1800!

Above article also has the ferocious drop bear, of course.

Dungeon23 – 038 Ruby Base Level 26 Key 5

Level 26 is accomodation for the workers.

GM: Key 5 shows dormitory type room setups, a row for men, a row for women, with two of Dr Ruby being perfectly happy to disintegrate on bad behaviour of minions.

Desert Maps

Alex has made some adjustments to his Alpine algorithm for TextMapper to get better desert terrain – e.g. Australian. Lots of generic rpg maps assume European type things – e.g. cool to cold, whereas Australia is temperature to equatorial, in general.

This one is a nice example

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