Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Clustering

A few years ago I looked at this, have found it again, so here’s a start.

Not, many mess categories as you know, but here’s a plot from 2 that will fit on a screen.

Vermin and plants, some animals and common humanoids and your garden variety monstrous humanoids when you lump it at this very joined together level.

Kmodes method, just have to find where I put that part.

Map Generation – Cities and Towns

A program that can generate cities and towns, medieval Voronoi style. Along with a viewer that can produce graphcis the base output is json, which gives you vector data to use with other things. Very nice!

Sample city

Here is an example of a possible configuration for the city to be generated:

city = City(10000, 10000, has_walls=True, has_castle=True)
tools.json(city, '/generated_city/city.json')


Alex Schroeder told me about this one, I generally just installed a distro and then upgraded when necessary.

Where you can manage them locally.

I changed from shared hosting to an upgrade to allow some extra perl options – which didn’t really give what I wanted, but looks like this will.

Which should make it easier to contribute to his stuff from wherever, with a dev environment online to test things.

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