Welsh Piper hex map algorithm – Python

In relation to HexDescribe and TextMapper – the random or Smale algorithm is the Welsh Piper’s. https://welshpiper.com/hex-based-campaign-design-part-1/

There’s a follow on part linked for stocking hexes.

I translated this to python – partly as a ChatGPT exercise.


Where I did a few tweaks of the Primary and Secondary maps for the gnomeyland style based on the terrains I have put in Mokuy for HexDescribe.

Here’s the TextMapper map https://github.com/bluetyson/Dungeon23-Mokuy/blob/main/mokuy1.txt

and the HexDescribe tables so far – lengthy project the latter https://github.com/bluetyson/Dungeon23-Mokuy/blob/main/mokuytables.txt

I need a ship and ship crew generator, speaking of such things (and/or ChatGPT).

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