FASERIP-Slugfest: Luck be a Lady!

File:C2E2 2013 - Domino (8701565111).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Domino https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:C2E2_2013_-Domino(8701565111).jpg

Doing some more work, I have added the basic Probability Manipulation power.

So, get here to fight her robot double in the Danger Room – the robot double having her stats, but no powers. Here’s the result:

Battles: 10000; Sum of rounds: 14886; Domino No Luck: 0.35 ± 0.0; Domino: 0.65 ± 0.0;

Team Domino No Luck = winning battles: 3460; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
Team Domino = winning battles: 6540; perfect battles: 0; close-call battles: 0;
------------------------------------------------- Combatants ------------------------------------------------
Domino: {team=Domino; avg Health=93.756 (from 120); damage done (per battle average)= 40.52; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 1.01/0.0/0.51/0.19/0.14; rounds (PBA)=1.04;}
Domino No Luck: {team=Domino No Luck; avg Health=79.484 (from 120); damage done (per battle average)= 26.24; hits/slams/stuns/kills/misses (PBA)= 0.66/0.0/0.27/0.08/0.34; rounds (PBA)=0.84;}

Taking it from even to 65-35, thanks to the Luckiness.

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