Every Goddamn Vampire in this Goddamn Country of Mine


“I wanted to make a generator that would show you the vampire society of a given city with a single click. But in order to do that, I needed to know how many vampires to put in it. The VtM revised rulebook provides a rule of thumb (that it almost always ignores) saying a densely population area should have one vampire for every 100,000 people in a community. But vampires aren’t lone wanderers. They’re organized in coteries of a size that the book is cagey about telling. A few levels of investigation in, I found myself searching out the metro population of the United States in 1990 to facilitate this growing project. I was no longer trying to generate a city. I was trying to generate every city in the US. I ran the generator once and came up with a vampire census 100 pages long. “

You could borrow this Vampire the Masquerade randomiser for lots of games!

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