Secret duels of immortals throughout history

“”‘I know not. But there are in decimal arithmetic repeated incidences called repetends. Continue the generation of numbers through all time, you have these repetends forever occurring. Can you explain this mystery of numbers? No. Neither can I explain the mystery of my life. Good night. I have wearied you.’
“‘Stay,’ cried I, rashly, ‘the parallel is not yet complete. You have not met Forrester!’
“‘No,’ cried Pontifex, his large eyes blazing with fire, ‘I have prayed that I might not meet him. I live in Melbourne at the scene of his crime, because it seems the least likely place to again behold him. If, by accident, in the streets I catch sight of one who resembles him I hurry. But I shall meet him one day, and then my doom will be upon me, and I shall kill him as I killed him in Padua four hundred years ago!'””

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