My Friend Makes Poor Choices

The Dungeon of Bad Decisions

“Me (DM): A fairly normal guy but can detect powers and has a gift for shooting.

Player A: A half Centaur with the abilities to control and speak to plants as well as serial immortality

Player B: can move at hyper speed

Player C: Can animate images and uses ninja weapons.

Gorilla guy: super strong and armoured.
Fire and Ice: Can shoot fire and Ice from his body and coat himself in both.
Gang bangers: obviously just mostly normal guys.

Me: A giant man resembling a gorilla grabs a ficus and is using it to beat other people. You can hear the ficus shout “EYY! Holmes you gotta save me!” (The Ficus grew up in South LA)”

Random Super Agents Generation for Classic Marvel RPG

From Republic of Replicants.

Random Super Agent Generation

A fun touch – random facial hair.

This is good, as what is in the game is very generic, and no supplement as such.

Thinking about the Ingurian Science Police, this can be nicely adapted.

Random Class Tables?

Just idle consideration, given the weird character generator discovered recently, which apparently has 50 odd classes in it.

So much OSR creativity, be interesting to see how large the number of classes people have made up is and the common weightings for witches, alchemists, etc.

The list from just D&D in the past was quite large, or Pathfinder.

Yet another Data Science nerdy project, go through all my games and list them.

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Superhero Random Encounters
Generating Random Encounter –

1 – Target
– A Ruler
2 – Perpetrator
– Enemy Alien(s)
3 – Aliens
– Taltaran
4 – AlienType
– The Neutral Bugs
5 – Stars
– One
6 – Star Type
– M
7 – Star Type M Planets
– 1 Planet – 1 Livable
8 – Planets Gravity
– 1G
9 – Planets Atmosphere 1G
– Little(-9)
10 – Planets Superpower
– None
11 – Planets Strange Features
– Rings
12 – Planets Industry
– Little
13 – Planets Political System
– Republic
14 – Planets Population
– 100000
Final Population is: 195

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Superhero Random Encounters
Generating Random Encounter –

1 – Target
– Military Personnel
2 – Perpetrator
– Alien
3 – Alien Encounter
– Alien Artifact
4 – Aliens
– Formalhautians

Formalhautians again! It is definitely Superhero 2044 steam engine time. More soon!

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