USA-50: Book of the West – One a state, one side only good and bad

Got this in a bundle a while back. The premise is that each USA state should have a hero and people have collaborated to make them up. I don’t know if East exists.

Anyway it has multi-page hero and villain writeups with some campaign setting, hooks, hero interviews etc.

$3.42 –

Azure, Armored Waste Disposal Unit [Hector, Cassandra,],
Big Sky,
Captain California, Centennial,
— Doctor Mojave,
Estrella, Eco-Ranger,
— Fire-Bomb, Frost-Bite Baines,
Gem Stone, — Green-Tech, Grey-Snare,
Honey-Bee, — Hanford FX,
Miss Bison, — Kyle Millenion,
Orka Mortale,
— Purple Ox, Prairie Fire,
Silver Line, — Stone-Devil, Serpentyna, Sonora-X, Sorcera Madre,
Wild-Catter, Wind-Talker,

0.12 Character Cost
0.24 Character Density

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