Super Squadron Character Generation Example and book readthrough summary

Super Squadron

character generation

eight basic statistics

Strength, Agility, Charisma, Intelligence, Stamina, Public Standing, Ego, Luck

For the first 6 except Public Standing, you roll 1d20 No-name hero (or villain) Public Standing starts at 11.

2, 9, 3, 15, 10, 11

a total of 50
the rules suggest that you can reroll if you do not get a total of 60, or rearrange them if you want, but you only need to get 50

Let’s just leave them for the point of the exercise.

For Luck, roll percentage dice on a table to get the factor, basic 10 or under you have one. 44, so a normally lucky character.

next, roll 1d10 for character origin, of which there are 6. A roll of 2 means a Mutant. Born with powers, either as a result of a previous accident to their parents, or just dumb luck. An Age roll for this origin of 1d12 + 15 gives 8. So a 23 year old Mutie.

Next, number of powers. A d100 roll, the lower the more powers. Most likely is 3. A roll of 11 gives 4 powers. Lucky characters might get more.

A character with more than one power has the option of taking all their remaining rolls as automatic re-rolls of the first result. Otherwise, rolling a power twice it increase the intensity, twice damage, half cost, double duration etc., pick one.

A player may also take a weakness (the glowing green rock clause) and get an additional power. Nifty anti-munchkin note: The GM decides the weaknesses and doesn’t have to reveal all of them.

So, rolling on the Mutant Powers table, the first is 98. Which is Organic Power.

Which means the character can choose a particular animal or plant whose powers or abilities they wish to imitate. They then receive 2d4 adaptations. Some examples listed include Ant, Cactus, Eel, Fox, Mantis and Rose.

2d4 gives 3 and 4 for 7 adaptions.

Time to cogitate on those and work out if the other three powers should also be this.

Being not strong, maybe a clever, sneaky, smart type animal or plant. Not that plants are too smart.

and probably funny looking, with that charisma.

So, I believe we shall debut:

The Fruit Bat.

so assigning the other three power rolls to Organic Powers we get adaption rols of :
1+3, 2+4, 2+1 for another 13 adaption slots to go along with the original 7, a total of 20.

Generally the examples given are each adaption can give a half strength power copy.

e.g. 1/2 Heigtened Agility, 1/2 Flight, etc.

So making it easy, we’ll go for this :-

20 Adaptions

2 Enhanced Intelligence * 1/2 (+2d10) (1,10 = +11)
2 Heighted Speed * 1/2
8 Heighted Agility * 1/2 (+4d10) (5,1,7,10 = +23)
2 Ultraviolet Vision * 1/2
2 Ultrasonic Hearing * 1/2
4 Flight * 1/2

So, currently

The Fruit Bat


02 Strength
32 Agility
03 Charisma
26 Intelligence
10 Stamina
11 Public Standing
11 Ego
00 Luck

Organic Powers – Fruit Bat

Enhanced Intelligence +11
Heightened Speed
Enhanced Agilty + 23
Ultraviolet Vision
Ultrasonic Hearing
Flight (extendable wings)
Bat Faced, small for a human

Looking at the Ability Modifier tables

Strength 02 is Puny, -1 HT (Hit Points), -3 DD (Hand to Hand Damage Mod)
Agility 32 is speedy, movement rate 80m, +05% Accuracy, +3 HT, +2 DD
Charisma 03 is Ugly, which Reaction to heroes is -10% and Villains, +10%
Intelligence 26 is Brilliant, +4 HT, +2 DD, +30% Accuracy, 9d8% to detect entrances and 8d10% to detect trap (3,6,8,6,7,3,7,2,5 = 47%) and (1,8,4,9,3,4,10,5 = 44%)
Ego 11 is Average Superbeing, 10% Compulsory Retreat (if you lose half HT or more) and 30% Willing retreat. +05 HP (hit probability) Retreating when not supposed to drops your ego and various successes/failures impact it.
Public Standing 11 is – Reaction DM

Hit Points

Formula is 1/2 * SA + 1d10 + LK + Exp + Modifiers (currently no Experience, need 40 points to get to Level 1)
So, 5 + 2 + (-1,+3,+4 = 6) = 13 HT

Action Potential

Formula is ST + 1/2 IQ + SA + 1/2 AG + LK + Exp
So, 2 + 13 + 10 + 16 = 31

Characters can train over time to increase abilities up to 20, if a Self-Developed origin, then up to 25. You gain experience while super-heroing and can get % bonuses for roleplaying.

There are tables for family details, height, weight, job and if you happen to actually be an alien artifact.

GM says in this case size determined by organic powers. Strength, Stamina and Agility give modifiers to height and weight. Female characters take off 4d4 kg and 5d4cm.

There are patrolling, paying off informants and tracing rumours rules too. Plus Encounter tables.

Ordinary Encounter 12-14 on d100 is Espionage.

Super-Villain Encounter 12-14 is Jail Break

Extraordinary Encountey 09-13 is Mutant Villain (01-70) or Hero (71-00) Encountered

If you get supebeings, an 01 means a team, 02-21 on this roll a teamup.

Initiative is 1d20 + AG + LK (Luck you pretty much get to use in everything)

AG+LK of 30 or more is multiple actions a round if you make a manoeuvre roll of

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