ICONS Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp

Origin: Transformed


A young pistol shrimp was unfortunate enough to grow up in the water near a major fast outlet. The toxic effluent released by this waste of space and calories changed him, making him stronger, smarter and much much bigger.


Imagine Lobster Johnson as a shrimp-man and you have it exactly from costume to implacability. A two-fisted shrimp pistol wielder, his water abilities enable the focused blasting of cold, wet concussive force through his water weapons.

Catchphrase: Feel the claws that soak evil. Twice!


6 Prowess
6 Coordination
6 Strength
2 Intellect
3 Awareness
6 Willpower

10 Stamina
1 Determination


4 Extra Body Parts: Claws
3 Invulnerability
3 Water Control
1 Alternate Form: Aquatic
1 Life Support [Cold]


3 Claws Gun Master [Bubble Blast]
1 Underwater Combat

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