Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

RPGs with text versions – finding them.

A project I have been meaning to do for ages is extract all games that are digital for searchability reasons. Can then do lots of fun NLP things with them of course.

This is a terrible job because of the planet’s love for that presentation format, the PDF. So some things are scans, some are a hack combo, some are a 4th generation format transfer. So lots of those will not work very well, so will have to do some sort of classification.

For example, the 1st edition AD&D DMG extracted fine first past but the Player’s Handbook did not. That sort of problem, then the OCR problem and others.

So an interest place to start going back the other way will be games that have actual text versions whether html [eg epub and websites], mobipocket, text files because of their age like FUDGE and others.

Some that spring to mind – Sine Nomine – Stars Without Number et al., Eclipse Phase, Dungeon World.

There are also on the web SRDs of various games so that would also be interesting.

On the NLP front you could end up with a multi-game version of ‘what is the general advice for a GM doing X’ answer capability.

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Mind tentacles, presumably.

Dungeon23 – 048 Ruby Base Level 37 Key 8

This is Dr Ruby’s Lab and one of her offices.

GM: At 8 is said energy device. It is related to trying to improve the time travel shenanigans that have gone badly wrong, in case they ever want to get out of here. It could, of course, kill every and if it degrades instead of improves, maybe wipe out a good chunk of what would become New South Wales.

Dr Ruby's Lab
High energy device control panel

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Dungeon23 – 047 Ruby Base Level 37 Key 7

This is Dr Ruby’s Lab and one of her offices.

GM: At 7 is the control panel for a seriously complicated high energy device.

Dr Ruby's Lab
High energy device control panel

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Clustering

A few years ago I looked at this, have found it again, so here’s a start.

Not, many mess categories as you know, but here’s a plot from 2 that will fit on a screen.

Vermin and plants, some animals and common humanoids and your garden variety monstrous humanoids when you lump it at this very joined together level.

Kmodes method, just have to find where I put that part.

Today’s Superhero Random Encounter

Superhero Random Encounters

Generating Random Encounter –

Fake Victim Minion Infiltration

1 – Perpetrator

– Super team leader

2 – VillainMotivation

– Desperation

3 – Archetype

– Blaster

4 – Origin

– Alien/Human Hybrid

5 – Random Power Numbers

– 4 Powers

6 — Random Powers 1 : Flight
— Random Skill Numbers : 2 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Student (no other talents!)
—- Random Skills 2 – : Metallurgy

6 — Random Powers 2 : Pet
— Random Skill Numbers : 4 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Artificial Intelligence
—- Random Skills 2 – : Guns
—- Random Skills 3 – : Polymers
—- Random Skills 4 – : Meteorology

6 — Random Powers 3 : Wizardry
— Random Skill Numbers : 4 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Mystic Background*
—- Random Skills 2 – : Radiology
—- Random Skills 3 – : Investigation
—- Random Skills 4 – : First Aid

6 — Random Powers 4 : Natural Weaponry
— Random Skill Numbers : 2 Skill
—- Random Skills 1 – : Mesmerism and Hypnosis
—- Random Skills 2 – : Thrown Weapons

The Frog Supertable

The Frog Supertable

I think I might borrow flying vampire frogs.


Ok, apparently this exists:-

Not looked at it, so can’t comment a yet.

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