Mokuy – Australia hex mapping, Hex Describe and Hex Mapper

Alex Schroeder has an ‘Alpine’ hex map generation option in . This allows you to tweak heights for maps.

Also in TextMapper similarly. However, his native Switzerland and Australia are somewhat different in size and smoothness.

These are great and the code is also here:-

Austrlia DTM stats
Australia DTM Histogram

Switzerland DTM stats
Switzerland DTM stats

You can see the power law distribution dropoff for Australian terrain, whereas Switzerland is much more elevated. e.g. Australia is an old, worn down continent, geologically.

Dungeon23 – Mokuy hex map Australia – version 1

Not actually called Australia circa 1830 of course, but for reference.

Mokuy Australia hex map

A few different terrain types I think:

  • Coastal
  • Mountain
  • Desert
  • Rainforest
  • Heavy Bush
  • Bush
  • Alluvial
  • Grassland
  • Volcanic – for Lord Howe Island, or as the more egotistical residents like to term it, Ruby Base
  • Pine – for venturing to Norfolk Island

    Version with coordinates to come

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