d100 Problems for Agent Contacts

From Chris Tamm

d100 Problems for Agent Contacts

d100 Problems For Agent Contacts

River City Encounters for Marvel Superheroes

FASERIP River City Encounters

River City Encounters for Marvel Superheroes

Fantasy Name Generator – Aquilonian and Stygian included!

That is definitely cool.

Lots of other generators to go with this one. Very nice.

Hyborian Name Generator

Explanator World Generation


Pits Perilous weather generation

Random weather generation from a retired meterologist.


Fantasy weather generation

Random generation of weather discussion, with some code.


Fantasy weather generation

FATE – Star System Creator


Random Equipment generator for LotFP


Sectors Without Number


Galaxy Generation

FATE: Galaxy Generation

Draft 1.1 April 23, 2013 - Blue Tyson

Talking of cosmological fractals, I thought something like this would be fun - and you could apply modifiers from shape to type to subsectors and clusters. Dead galaxy, garden worlds less likely, etc.

Hadn't come up with a 'subsector' or sector generation generic table as yet.

FATE: Universe Generation

-4 Dead Universe
-3 Extremely Sparsely Populated Universe
-2 Sparsely Populated
-1 Lower Populated
0 Standard Universe
1 Higher Populated
2 Densely Populated
3 Extremely Densely Populated
4 Entire Universe Almost All Habitable

FATE: Galaxy Generation


-4 Irregular: Dark
-3 Spiral: Dark
-2 Rotating Other: Dark
-1 Globular: Dark
0 Elliptical [-1 0 +1] 1dF Dark, Dusty, Bright
1 Globular: Bright
2 Rotating Other: Bright
3 Spiral: Bright
4 Irregular: Bright

Spectral Type

-4 Dead
-3 Prominent A-F Stars
-2 Prominent A-F Stars
-1 Prominent F Stars
+0 Prominent F-G Stars
+1 Prominent G Stars
+2 Prominent G-K Stars
+3 Prominent K Stars
+4 Ablaze

Inclination [Relative to Your System]

-4 Face On
+4 Edge-On



+4 On the verge of collapse
+3 Slipstream mastery
+2 Slipstream use
+1 Exploiting the system
+0 Exploring the system
-1 Atomic power
-2 Industrialization
-3 Metallurgy
-4 Stone Age


+4 Many garden worlds
+3 Some garden worlds
+2 One garden and several survivable worlds
+1 One garden and several hostile environments
+0 One garden world (perhaps additional barren worlds)
-1 Survivable world
-2 Hostile environment (gravity but dangerous atmosphere)
-3 Barren world (gravity, no atmosphere)
-4 No habitable gravity or atmosphere


+4 All you could want
+3 Multiple exports
+2 One significant export
+1 Rich
+0 Sustainable
-1 Almost viable
-2 Needs Imports
-3 Multiple Dependencies
-4 No Resources

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