Pine64 Smartwatch

Trying this out as a xmas present to me, to make it better you can get an Android app.


You get this by downloading the apk for f-droid and installing when then gives you access from this repository to lots of apps including Gadgetbridge.

Good points so far – got watch, put it in to charge, it just worked on a simple MagnaCharger type base.

Very good points $26.99 USD and chargers are $4.99.

Compared to screwing around setting up Fitbits – which takes a long time and usually multiple attempts – of which the build quality seems to get worse and worse as the prices climb ever higher – and the last one only managed 3 months. Even if these a bit flaky an order of magnitude cheaper.

So can count steps again. Saw these mentioned on mastodon, so very handy.

They also make a phone, so tempted to try that.

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